Finally Beat All 20 Contenders.

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It was a long, frustrating, and altogether not worth it but I was determined. By the final round your enemies will have 4 or 5 times the stats as you. The dual wielders get the jump on my 379 speed netter…

My final team and the only thing I came up with that could beat them:

1. Net guy. Net can only be active on one enemy at any time or it will miss. Plain and simple. Dump all attributes into speed. Use net on the biggest immediate threat, usually a dual wielding in the front or a intimidate all guy in the back. Since their guys will always be so much stronger than your guys, the ability to disable one of their guys is an epic advantage. If you are brave, drop a little bit of speed (keep 240+) and pump some points into dex and str for throw power. As is there is really no reason to attack with this guy.
Ret: 5:15:10:9:1:5, Dimac: 5:10
Final Stats: 145:32:19:55:379:45

2. Protector. Get the biggest and best shield and body armor you ever find and put it on this guy. Use protect first turn on your net guy. Shield bash away at your biggest threats.
Murm: 10:10:10
Dimach 5:15:10
Stats: 185:125:129:74:245:47

3. Dual wielder. Another shielder, or thrower. Flex spot kinda. I ended up using another shield guy. If you choose dual wielder or thrower, you might have to have your protector on this guy instead.
Thraex: 5:15
Murm: 5
Dimachaerus: 6:15:14
Stats: 158:128:84:79:234:21

Even with a perfect build there is a lot of luck involved. In the later rounds you just cannot kill the guys with shields. You would have to run close to 300 dex to hit them and then you have no chance against anything else. Fighting a shield guy? Just quit and spare yourself a slow and painful death.

Used the gold bar, got some crappy arm piece. Epic disappointment.

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which rank did your gladiators had at the time of the fight?

i’m trying another stategy: i never used any metals. due multyplayer i have one gold, 5 silver ~17 bronze. i try to level myself the rank beyond conquerer and than i use all of the metals. hoping for a few good items.

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Simple and easy strategy for winning any fight. Get Murmillo (I think that’s right, the one with the +defense skill) and put all your stat points in defense. Get shield bash (Max), +defense (Max) and put the minimum in other things until you get counter attack then try maxing it. Beat all 20 roman contenders at lvl 35 without losing. For gear just get as much defense and vitality

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How can you win with that team? Have you fought with rome’s contenders yet? They have tank with 300+ def,regen 200+ hp each turn,their 2 hand has 200+ dex and can hit 300-400 def tank,their dimac has like 300+ speed,so they always go first. If you are a murm,you must have more than 400 def to stand before their attack,and 300 dex to hit their tank sometime,but it won’t work,hit 600 and after 2 turn,they are full hp =.=’ 1 way,i think easy,is a murm with 400+ def,a ret with 200+ dex,and fight,if you see tank,quit,only fight with dimac,ret,thraex,provo.

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Illusion i am stuck with 2 contender levels left to go. I have def of 407 counter attack maxed and they still smash it in a couple of turns. I do not believe you done rome contenders on a level 35 mine is level 60 and gets smashed to bits.

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Have just completed contenders. 407 def worked in the end with two hybrid dex/speed characters in support. If they attack def char first and it survives go to block every turn then use hybrids to smash enemy. It wont work every time, final level took at least twenty attempts but when their set up is just right it seems easy – I did it without taking damage despite previous attempts seeing me smashed rapid style every time.

On a side note beserk crew, glitchy but good game you have here but without a guarantee of crafting being any good I don’t envisage anyone savvy bothering to invest in gold bars since they sometimes produce equipment worse than bronze bars do. If I play this game for a long time i would invest perhaps but no way under current set up.

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it might actually be EASIER at level 35 than level 60. I think the contenders start at your level or near it?

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430 def and you will never get hit by the contenders,i sure about that,but you will never hit them too :) so,you can only win if you see dual or thraex there :)

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is counter an automatic hit, or does it have to roll against defense too?

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here’s how counter-attacks work:

1. enemy attacks you
2. you block, dodge, or they miss (calculated by defence and enemy’s dexterity)
3. you counter-attack (the chance to counter after dodging\blocking is calculated by your dex)
4. enemy returns to his spot, and you dont lose a turn

The bad part about it, is that for this to become a usable tactic, you need 300+ def to block almost every time, and 200+ dex to counter half the time. (tested with a 57% shield), and it’s not possible due to the level cap.

Build busted.

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well, isn’t the point to build an unhittable defender, then use protect on a dual-wielder or other with nothing BUT dex?

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ok, I just tried this.

all characters level 51, one protector, with NOTHING but defense points in, nothing but best gear with defense on it. managed to get defense to 385.
dual wielder with nothing but stats into dex, same with gear, dex up to 280.
two hander, nothing but dex, all skills into 2 hand skills, dex up to 300.

all had 600 or better headgear, 700 or better body armor.

results going up against level 10 contender bout:

slaughtered against both enemies that were spear tossers and enemies that were dual wielders, though did better against the dual wielders.

it’s the crits that kill you. they get them all the time.

protect works fine, but even with defense at 385, it just isn’t good enough. I guess have to wait for 60 to boost defense over 400. then it should work fine.

oh, and counter works fine even with dex at a measly 60 points, i rather think it depends more on how many points you put into counter than what your dex is, and remember you only counter on a BLOCK, not a miss.

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Well, after three more tries, got a combo I could beat. just pure luck.

enemies were 2 2-handers and one dual wielder. was over as soon as I took out the dual wielder.

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I echo pretty much what Brad had to say.

I finally made it past the twenty contenders to get the gold bricks. The blacksmith turned it into a helmet that was slightly better than two of my existing helmets but possibly worse than one…but, I made it through all the goals without ever having purchased anything, without ever having signed up for the free daily prizes, playing multiplayer, etc.
All three gladiators were level 59. I beat all the cities with two shield guys who could throw and one dual wielder who was always the first target of my opponents, but ultimately, when I was through about 10 of the contenders in Rome, I switched this guy to a shield guy too.
I’ll be honest—I had to do some grinding to make it to level 59, and I couldn’t beat most of the contender combinations. I could only beat a combination if there weren’t any dual wielders and if the shield wielders did not use the shield bash.

Fortunately, grinding isn’t too bad because it’s possible to automate the actions of the gladiators in the middle of a combat, say, after the biggest threat is eliminated.

The idea of using someone to protect a net guy with high speed is a great idea. I wish I had thought of it—I might have been able to beat the 20 contenders at level 51.

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I don’t know if maybe the contender difficulty scales with your total experience or what, but among the results for my level 59s/60s by the time I hit contenders 18-20…

- With 430 Def and 57% block, my shieldmen were still being slaughtered by the 2-handed contenders, who seem to have god-like dexterity – I mean, they were hitting within 2 turns of the start of the battle.

- With 360 speed, a dual wielder was usually being cut to pieces before he could even move.

- 260 dex wasn’t anywhere close to being enough to damage most contenders.

- NPC net throwers are killable, but only because they rarely actually throw their nets (fortunately).

Eventually I managed contender 20 with 3 defence pures, facing 2 dual wielders and a net thrower. Very, very slow…

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Ok I just beat it today and it honestly wasn’t that hard or require any special preparation as far as my stat allocation, team set-up, or equips. I just used my PVP team which is pretty strong in its own right. 1-12 was a breeze with my lvl 40-something team of shield and thrower team with just about equal stat distribution into str, dex, def, and spd. My armor was decent but this was before I took the time to actively look for armor with amazing stat buffs. 13-15 was a tougher and I had to level up my current team several levels to beat it. At 16 my team couldn’t cut it anymore at which point I spent a lot of time in PVP. During that time I learned a lot about team set-ups and stat buffing armor and whatnot and I slowly tried to build a better team with a lot of trial and error. I also beat 16-18 at this point with my lvl 50-something team of thrower and shield with moral-restoring skills, dual with 4-combo, and tanker with protect. Dual had fastest speed at 300+ with support second with 200+ spd. My tank had 250+ armor and 100+ spd. I eventually leveled them up more with my Dual reaching lvl 60 and the other two 57 and 58. I just kept rolling the dice with a beatable contender and where at least 2 of my gladiators could attack first. I found 2 two-handers and a shield and spear guy with average spd were the easiest to beat. Eventually I beat contender 20 with nothing but a shitty halberd with mediocre stat buffs to show for it. :/

It’s worth noting that I rarely used any support skills aside from moral regens and protect. The opponent has so much power that it can kill my gladiators easily with normal attacks anyway and it rarely used protect so intimidation was virtually useless. I suppose having net would have been useful but all moral was still good. Besides I did not want to respec my support again. Basically I incapacitated the glad with the weakest armor using 4 combo and followed it up with throw from my support. My tank usually had the last turn so the opponent usually killed my dual at this point so he would just protect my thrower. If at the event that the AI was acting retarded and spamming berserk or couldn’t bleed my dual then I pretty much won. I would cast protect on my dual and my support and thrower would finish off the rest. At this point the AI would keep attacking only my tank and its dex wasn’t enough to kill it in time before I finished off the remaining glads.

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This is easy my tank alone is soloing them on auto mode it is level 42 and has 237 def

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Originally posted by TheEdgebee:

This is easy my tank alone is soloing them on auto mode it is level 42 and has 237 def

Yeah the first few contenders are easy. Once you get to around 14 or 15 up is where their stats hit a major spike and most people spend a lot of time in.

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Finally beat the 20th Contender. All of my fighters were level 59.This was my team setup:

Protector- 150:79:145:45:258:28 Murmillo 10:10:10 Dima 5:15:9

Shield/Spear- 148:233:74:36:287:20 Ret 10 Murm 10:5 Dima 5:15:14

Net- 171:59:49:27:375:40 Ret 5:15:10:10:1:5 Dima 5:8

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I beat 20th Rome contender.

Level 56 56 56
>>> use defend roll (setting in team section)
tank : 300 def 190 speed
dual wielders : Both 200 str about or near 150 dex and 180 speed.

they are 5 skill types. I can beat the MP users type (the center line of skill tree)

All skills I used were boosting status that I needed, 4x combo and protect.

All enemies did were decreasing my morale, boosting their morale and berserk.