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I fought a guy,who a dual can combo x4,regen 98 per turn,can throw a net which paralyzed me for 4 turn,can intimidation all,and protect :) ha ha ha,his gladiators has leg with 2000 armor,hit me for 2600 damage,-999mp,and so strange that a 2 hand weapon can protect,maybe he can counterattack too,lol. But he still can’t hit me,so surprise because he only has 100+ dex :)

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Ha ha ha,i still can kill 2 of his dual,only the 2 hand weapon live,and he can even hit me when i have destroyed his body armor :) never and fight with 1 side never hit,regen 320 hp each turn,and 1 side hit 150 each turn =.=’

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you should make a note of who the team is that is hacking.

I know that “GGANSTA” has hacked some of their characters (one was doing 2.5 MILLION damage per hit… no kidding).

should make a list somewhere so if the devs ever return, they can note it.