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I haven’t seen a thread where people could share their team set-up’s in the multiplayer so here it is. I’ll start with the standard set-up that I often see in PVP and which I have used myself because it is very reliable in coliseum battles and multiplayer. I’ll be providing details under the gladiator’s nickname so as not to confuse anyone. Also I’ll be using “glad” as an abbreviation for gladiator.

- Speedy -
Your fastest glad that attacks first with a 2-hit combo and hopefully gets the jump on the opponent as the match starts. It uses dual-wield weapons to make use of its first useful skill. It’s main purpose is to set-up kills for your Heavy Hitter or Tank/Blocker. The Speedy and Heavy Hitter working in tandem should effectively take out one glad right off the bat. Most Speedy’s aren’t durable and usually gets taken out first or second. If it’s lucky it can attack a second time and set-up another kill or finish off a damaged glad. It’s weapons of choice is the weakest type in the game so it’s best served as a set-up glad early on. It typically follows the Dimachaerus tree where people choose to get the 4-hit combo which could change the Speedy from a set-up glad to a one-turn killer.

- Heavy Hitter -
The glad that should attack second. It sacrifices speed for raw power and very useful in removing armor from your opponent with its Armor Break move. It follows up the Speedy’s attack with Power hit on the same glad. It’s the least durable of your team because it tends to use a two-handed weapon and arm guards have the weakest armor in the game. As such most people choose to kill this glad first. However, if your Heavy Hitter survives the firs 3 turns it can potentially kill another glad. It follows the Thraex tree that leads up to Berserk.

-Tank/Blocker -
Whatever you call this glad everyone can agree that it should definitely be your most durable glad. This is the glad that is often the only one left standing in a competitive battle between people who know what they’re doing. It’s armor and defense should be buffed and Shield Bash maxed. A well-built tank/blocker should be able to block/dodge most attacks and have decent damage output. In fact, a tank/blocker can take out an entire team with the right stat and skill allocation and equips. This is the reason why people use this glad on 1 on 3 battles. This glad follows the Murmillio tree ending with Regeneration but a lot of people sacrifice maxing one of Murm’s skills for Reti’s Throw skill. Probably the most complex character I’ve had to deal with as far as stat allocation and skills because of it being a versatile defensive glad.

Ok your turn. Be as detailed as you want and offer some tips if you can.

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best combo I have seen is using your dual wielder as both your speed and heavy hitter, then use a shield basher in protect mode, and finally have a spearchucker with good intimidation/boosting skills. once both guys are protected, you can use the cheerleader to get near endless 4 hit combos from your dual wielder, and your shieldbasher never runs out of juice to protect, while your intimidator can toss a couple of mass intimidations just to slow the opponent down.

of course, at high levels your intimidator can also toss a net on someone too.

other things that work decently are all or nothing builds: all shield basher/spearchuckers, or all dual wielders with nothing but dex and speed.

3 dual wielders with max speed can often catch shieldbashers off guard, and get 2 turns to their one each round.