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Ok so after a try on this game, i got hooked up on it, i like it but here is what i think should be improved.

1. The game play is good, well thought, but after few stages of doing absolutely the same thing, it get irritating, i think there could of been a few different events, i mean gladiators did not battle only each other, there were tigers,lions, and 2 wheels riders.

2.The shop and the drop, i think a game that is based on armor (By the way, i really love it when i see a game that when you equip something it changes visual appearance) its great, but i think shop is only used until Rome, and after that it gets useless, i think there should be one special item, every reload of the shop, that cost like x5 the normal or something so that players would have some use of it later on in the game, and the drop is another thing, after defeating a last level group, i think you should get some more special drop like, they would drop 4 special item and each better than the other but the better the lower the drop, and it should always drop at least one of them, same goes when you choose blood, its disappointing to see no drop after you choose it time to time.

3. Blood or Mercy: Its great idea to have you choose what you want to do to your opponents, but its a little glitchy, the blood flag is always hanging, that needs to be fixed, and i think when they want blood and you choose it, it should give x1,5 more than usual for listening to the crowd and same goes for Mercy, and when you dont it should give normal.

4.Metal: I think this is one of the most important thing in the game for achieving victory with items, but its too hard to get, i mean i know its suppose to be hard or the game would not be fun and there for too easy, but in some cases its too hard, mostly for the players who cant play multiplayer, i think there should few more kinds of ways to get metal, and i think when you ace a trophy and goals 5/5 you should get something, now they are there just for nothing.

5.Multiplayer: The multiplayer is a big issue, its still not perfected, 25% ore more the comments are about how people cant play it, sometimes it loads too much, or sometimes it just doesnt, sometimes the game just freezes when you win or loose, and you have to refresh the page, and if you havent saved, well farewell to what ever you have accomplished, i think its a great idea to have multi and ear metals with it, but it needs twix, another idea after you perfect the multiplayer is a 2v2 battles with teams, something like your friend has one glad and you have one and you battle other 2 persons or something like that, a ranking system would be good so that lower geared or level players should be able to win, and the level should be judged by the gear too, because i see alot of players level 1 to 20 with better gear than a level 180.

6.Tool tips- Give more info on what spells do, i mean they say what they do, but it doesnt say how much damage, or what the next level of the spell does, how does it improve it, is there any point of leveling it more and so on, and you should include how much dmg,hp,block% etc. Give the stats not just say that does this and this does that with no additional info.

So these are the things i have spotted that need twixing a fixing, this was my shakespeare novel about the game, i hope you take some advice from it.
For now 3,5 ot 5 stars, good game.

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1) I agree, the PVE gets stale very quickly. I spent pretty much 80% of my time playing this game in PVP.
2) Yeah, I think better drops and shop items would be great simply because the blacksmith is very unreliable. I want armor comparable to blacksmith crafts available through some other way. I would also like to add that maybe the devs could make it so that getting decent armor from blacksmith is more common. It was very disappointing for me to get the last rank (which took a long time) and exchange 20+ metals, 7 of which were gold, and receive only one decent shield.
3) A common complaint. Be great if they fixed it but it’s minor so I don’t really care much.
4) I agree, there should be some other way to earn metal like conquering a coliseum.
5) Yeah PVP needs streamlining and more features. A team-up with another player is a good idea though. Maybe if the devs improve PVP more people will play it because right now opponents are incredibly sparse.
6) For sure.