How do I _______ ?

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Lots of people ask the same questions in chat, so here are some answers. feel free to add any you think of.

How do I decapitate? Attack the head till it falls off.
How do I disembowel? Attack the body till the guts spew out in a bloody fountain.
How do I win without killing? Cut off an arm or leg and let them bleed out. just stand there and crowd appeal or block till they do.
What does Row do? Makes your gladiator jump back and forth between the front row and the back row.
What does Charisma do? It determines how much MP you get from Crowd Appeal
What does MP do? it is what allows you to do techniques. Without mp, you can only attack, crowd appeal, block and die.
For some reason, the game always starts you out with a gladiator with low, 50 to 70 or so, mp. Worthless after the first few levels. Dump that gladiator soon as possible and buy new ones with at least 700 mp. Best and cheapest in Londinium.
Should I put points in_? Only you can determine what kind of team you want to build. nearly everyone has different ideas on the best way to build a team. Try different things. You can always reset your points on the skill tree page. But, this can get expensive. The price goes up 1000 credits every time you use this feature, so, unless you got lots of credits, go easy.
Learn what all the attributes do, and how to select armor that adds to the attributes you want to build. Learn basic strategy. Have fun. DONT BE A CHEATER!!!

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nice guide, it does help.