To the ADMINS! Speed hack video (locked)

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Dear Admin / Moderators,

I just came in a game today and found the first cheating guy I ever seen. This guy was called “Rop” and he used speed hack. I capture a video of it, for documentation.

Look the hole (or just last 1 where you can see it all from spec) video to see.: Youtube clip

Players info.:
Username: “Rop”
Hack type: “Speed hack”
Aim: “Suck!”
Date: 9/12-2012
Time: 18:37 Denish time (+ 1 / + 2)

Video capture.:
Username: “Scordaten”
Clan: “Merq”
Aim: “Look video”
Capture program: “FRAPS
File size: 1,22GB

*Edit new version of the movie clip in a bit better quality.

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Originally posted by DirectorD:

I ecountered a hacker who had unlimited grenades. I knew his name started with a N, and he had a Freddy Cougar terrorist skin. Look out for this person.

Sorry to say but we can’t use that info for anything. There is a million players with “N” at the first letter of the username. Capture them as I did here and let the admins & moderators know.

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The host can enable grenade spam in custom mode.

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Speed hacks are usually auto kicked from the server now.