*AXE* Clan Recruiting!!!

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A brand new clan for players who think they can commit! I’m the clan leader. We have our own Website, Forum, and Chatsite! If you are interested, read more!

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Join AXE
AXE is a brand new clan, with few rules, and MANY perks! Our few rules are just for the best of the clan:

  • No arguing with fellow clan members. If we argue, we can’t battle. It’s Common Sense.
  • Be O.K. at the game. A few deaths is O.K., but death runs for 1 kill, not suitable.
    We have a lot of perks, as I mentioned:
  • We have our own website for the clan!
  • Our forum lets you register and organize any topic. It’s like the Kongregate forums.
  • We’re going to be Full-Fledged, meaning, wars everyday with other clans, Allies, Training, etc.
    For further detail, or if you want to join, PM me! Website and forum will be given after joining.
    Hope You Enjoy.
    Clan Motto: No one can resist AXE