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Full name of Clan: RADIATION

Hey, RAD is for the moment recruiting members. I know how annoying it really is to post it on the kongregate chat, so i’m making this forum thread instead.
RAD is recruiting any kind of players. But we don’t want guys, that’s spamming on the kongregate chat to join us.. for a good reason.
Just write down this in the thread if you want to join:

- Kongregate name (So i can add you as friend)
- CS Portable name (So i know where i can find you)
(Optional) – Write down the ENGLISH time of the day, you can play.

If you don’t wanna join my clan, don’t write anything shitful in this thread. It’s a NEW clan and we are low on members.

I’m also fixing a website for the clan, actually just for fun though.
Also a Clan server is coming up.

For those who join the clan, Welcome, contact me on messages.

For those who read this, have a good day.

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The very same clan in Begone Guerrra ?

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LOL that clan have 2members that is super pro

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i hope you good luck on your recruitment :).


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JohnRemmonC, isn’t that the reason for why i search for recruitment?

Fatboy, not the very same clan, i’m sorry. But i’m in the clan in BeGone i’ve talked to one of the leaders and they are fine with it :D

RakuzU, thanks. We have actually been in contact with some players already. 2 from Norway and a guy from the Netherlands.