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Add sound effects or voices when getting hit.

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Can we please have a max power hotkey. For example, hit M to fire at 30 power. It’s often a matter of formality to charge the bar to get the final kill and it’s a bit dull waiting for it to fill up.

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My suggestions dump.


• Being a high level I can’t ever get matched against real players. Bots should give PvP exp just VERY little.

• PvP Brackets. This would make players who are level 1-4 only fight others who are 1-4. Players level 5-9 would fight other players 5-9 and so on.


• Bosses shouldn’t be able to use Ajax’s Armor. This is stupidly unfair. Because they can use it numerously and not run out. I lost to DEVIL HARD because of meany using a Ajax.

• Bosses should give exp regardless of level. I am a high level and I like to do PvE more than PvP. But I don’t get exp gain from low level adventures and the high level ones are too hard. All adventures should give exp regardless of level.

• Bosses should use cards less often. Mostly cross bullet.

• You should unlock all the normal adventures and then start to unlock hard ones after you get to the certain level.

• The chests that bosses drop the first time you beat them should have a 100% chance to get at least 1 gem.

• After beating bosses after the 1st time you should still get a chest but instead make it just 2 normal win chests.


• Clicking and holding on your character in the main menu and home should allow you to rotate them.

• Display character stats next to your character on the main menu and in inventory. It took me a long time to realize I had to hover over them to see stats.

• Your characters class should be shown in the home.

• Reduce cost of gem exchange. I had about 400k silver and now have 200k silver because of it.

• Mystery Box level 1 should have a 25% chance to contain any gem. Mystery Box level 2 should have a 50% chance to contain any gem. Mystery Box level 3 should have a 100% to contain any gem.

• Reduce cost of many, many items in the shop. Especially the rentals. Reduce rental price drastically.

• Reduce the cost of home decorations drastically. Perhaps even to silver. Not many of us can spend 5$ to make our background have a skeleton in it.

• Items on the “Hot” list in the shop should have their price reduced a little bit.


• Let use customize our character more. As in we should be able to customize our characters hair color, eye type, eye color, mouth. If we could do this our characters would be more unique. These options would need to be unique to each class though.

• Gives characters voices. As TheAllenX stated.

Armor Equips

• Necklaces and Belts should be shown on our character in-game. They would make us look more unique. Rings could be shown on hands or not at all.

• Armor equips should change their icon and look at level 4, 7, and 10 like weapons do.

• Certain armor pieces should be better for different classes. In example Hell Goat should focus more on attack than anything else. While Mermaid focuses more on hp than anything else.


• Increase the damage of each frog from the Frog Wand by 20%.

• The Crystal Sword when exploding should destroy the landscape as it explodes. What I mean is when it explodes it explodes in a line. And the landscape should be destroyed by that line. The whole line.

• Decrease the damage of the Devil Wand when it explodes by a bit.

• Make the Skull Bomb more bouncy when it hits things.

• Secondary weapons should also modify your stats. Otherwise you could just have a level 10 primary weapon with a level 1 secondary weapon. And the level 1 weapon would deal the same damage as the level 10.

• Thor’s Hammer should have less of a range of where it will hit someone. You can throw it like completely away from someone and it will hit them.

• The Huntsman Axe skin at level 7 just looks like garbage. It looks exactly like the level 4 one.

• The Thor’s Hammer skins all look about the same until level 10.


• Gepettoe’s Trick should increase your run speed by 50% for the round not increase how long you can go.

• De-status should be made more useful somehow.

• A Witch’s Heart is basically the same as Rapunzel’s Trap. I was so disappointed when I used it.

• Health All should be renamed to something better. It should also heal for more than 25%.

• Cross Bullet should reduce the damage a weapon does if it passes through terrain.

• Queen’s Bad Apple should do more damage.

• Pinocchio’s ID doesn’t work against players. When I used it on a player they just shot at a wall instead of teammates.

• Snow White’s Prince should heal multiple people instead of 1 if it’s shot. In example if you stand in a group it should heal everyone in the group if shot at.

• When you use a Ice Maiden’s Delight it should be un-crossable. Meaning if a player uses Cross they cannot shoot through it.


• When I go into training it takes like 5 turns to travel across the map to get to the guy and then he spawns on the other side once I kill him… can you say annoying?

• Mermaid when clicked in the shop should giggle. Also her fingers look like boxes.

• When I visit someones home I should be able to see their total experience and gold/silver.

• The skin on the level 7 and 10 Artemis Bow have no string on them.

I also have 1 major suggestion.

Weapon Upgrade Tree

• Basically what this is is when you upgrade a weapon you get a few options. The options can differ for each weapon. In example, for the Artemis Bow you would start out with it only shooting 1 arrow at level 1. But once you upgrade it to level 2 you can choose if you want it to shoot 2 arrows or if you want it to deal more damage for the 1 arrow. And so on.

• Cannons options could be explodes in a bigger radius but deals less damage for the farther out it hits. Or more damage with no radius change.

• Thor’s Hammer could be a larger radius from where it will hit people from where it lands. Or possibly have a Zeus Bolt effect at max upgrade.

• The game Ant Buster is a good example of this system.

• This would allow for more options in the game. More experimenting. And overall making the game more fun.


I’m out of space in the market…. add more slots.

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While it’s wonderful that the minimum attack of the weapons (The ones you buy at the shop) has been increased, you should also have done this change to every weapon obtained before this update (Also this change is not mentioned anywhere), my lv 3 weapon kept the same attack value while I could have a far more powerful weapon now due to the ttack growth on upgrading, I don’t want to think of a weapon lv 6+. My suggestion is keep it like before and just increase the overall damage, or apply this change to every weapon obtained so far.

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PvP exp:
Rank 2nd silver crown
Rank 3rd bronze crown

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I think it would be awesome if there was a new level of PvE…Say either calling it Very Hard or Raid. This would be just for the more experienced players of the game who have greatly upgraded equipment and can actually aim (lots of people just throw devils wand and stuff at the ground). It could even just be an even further stat increase although it would be more fun if bosses had more abilities to add strategy to the level. Anyways, I hope this comes out maybe in the second to next big update (I know your working hard on clans and that type of thing). Thank you for reading this :D

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Tbh I think the market is plenty cluttered as it is. Either introduce a better filtering system (please introduce a 2x special filter—maybe call them epic items or something?) or somehow reduce all the junk that people put on the market. having to trawl through every single item’s description is a real bore.

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Some of the most powerful items in the game can no longer be found as loot. This has the unfortunate consequence of making the players who have these items untouchable. Please address this balance issue.

On another note, would you please add a “balance teams” button to team battles. This would be a button that you can toggle (default on) to automatically equate the sum power levels of each side as close as possible. At the moment, it is very difficult to judge and requires cumbersome mathematical calculations to try and balance these teams manually.

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And while you’re at it, actually state the sum power level of each side so people can see how it balances!

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Items name colors should change depending on their upgrade level and if they have a precious on it or not.

Items With No Precious Bonus

Level 1: White color (Common)

Level 4: Green color (Uncommon)

Level 7: Blue color (Rare)

Level 10: Purple color (Legendary)

Items With Precious Bonus

Level 1: Green color (Uncommon)

Level 4: Blue color (Rare)

Level 7: Purple color (Legendary)

Level 10: Orange color (Mythical)

Also I want…


I want to be able to test certain pieces of gear with any level or set/precious on them. They don’t have to be used against other players. Just be able to test them.

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Originally posted by MiamiBigAL:

Some of the most powerful items in the game can no longer be found as loot. This has the unfortunate consequence of making the players who have these items untouchable. Please address this balance issue.

On another note, would you please add a “balance teams” button to team battles. This would be a button that you can toggle (default on) to automatically equate the sum power levels of each side as close as possible. At the moment, it is very difficult to judge and requires cumbersome mathematical calculations to try and balance these teams manually.

Enough with the high chance of +5 atk +5 def special items!
You’re killing the market!!

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This game really need a vote kick in the lobby for people who are afk like the master… and the room doesn’t have a full room so it doesn’t kick them

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How am I killing the market? By saying the powerful weapons no longer exist, I am indicating that the +5 weapons are now the most powerful and worth buying, therefore encouraging the market to flourish.

Anyway, Ophelia asked me to post that suggestion here to make sure it was recorded so I did.

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I have a suggestion that you put in a counter that keeps track of how many kills you made during each tournament. a plus would be if you saw how many kills the top three have done. in this way you can compete obout the gold, it would also increase one’s motivation to get more kills. what do you think, does it sound like a good idea?

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hello! please add sort algorytm in team battles for better team balancing. or at least make it optional (like friendly fire)

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Set items(with bonus) are very useless in game players rather use special items instead of them cause you need at least 2 of them or 4 to make the set bonus work so I suggest that you only need 1 set item(with bonus) and the others of the same set type but without the bonus,that way maybe the set items would become a little more useful.

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Maps: Cavemaps! We need them!!!

Let’s play Minecraft!

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There should be a more variety of weapons and more weapons that can be equipped at the same time for more destructiveness. Or each weapon has several attack moves like frog king wand can summon a giant a frog, or create several frogs that will jump towards their target. Witch’s Staves can have several spells like flamethrower spell or something like that. U should also look at the game “arcanists” since it has a lot of attacks and defensive spells and summoning creatures. Some attacks r also terrain destructive and digging is a major strategy in it. Downside is they r like a pay to win :/

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The game should also has a new class(es) of weapons…for more fun!
Likea weapon that you can shoot more easily with targetting around and has less damage…

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Originally posted by marfagames:

Maps: Cavemaps! We need them!!!

Let’s play Minecraft!

Skull Bombs would own that map.

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the PVP ranking should be visible at Home, i dont know how far i am from the top 100 because i dont know how many points i have

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When someone is killed by the fire of your skull bomb just at the start of his turn after your launch. Would it be possible that it counts like 1 kill for you? when you’re a skull user and you try top3 of the turnament, it’s bit annoying.

And, again with turnaments and kill count, in 1 vs 1 when someone leaves or suicides, could it be count as 1 kill too plz…?

Thanks for reading.

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We should be able to enchant items.

For example if we wanted to get a special bonus of +5 attack on a item we would have to spend 2 emeralds and like 5 gold. Enchanting is pretty fairyish too isn’t it?

Un Soulbounding

I think for a fee of a lot of gold we should be able to make an item unbound again. However if it was unbound it will lose its level and get reset to 1. But keep it’s precious/set bonuses. Sounds fair to me.

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Would it be possible to have character specific weapons? They could be based on the theme of the character, for example reaper get’s a scythe or something. This might help because aside from dodge and crit, the 5% damage chars don’t seem to have much of an effect and it could differentiate the characters more, though this might lead to some classes becoming more OP and people who already chose a character losing out…

Also, on Glock’s unsoulbind suggestion, I think a separate unlevelling mechanic would be good. In case your upgrade gives you bad stats, you can pay gold or silver and delevel the equipment back to stats from the previous lvl so you can try again.

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New kind or pvp where we all have pawns or summonings that can help fight.