Enhanced gear too much?

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Discuss the new enhanced gear stats do you think there too much?

My opinion yes i think they are, especially since they remove the level 4 gear from me and some others saying it was too OP and then they bring this out.

Whats your thoughts?

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I agree with you. It’s obviously a way to nerf everything because now all equipment value that people had before is now lower. People with great equipment they spent gems on to level up is now pretty worthless as it is obvious the best equipment will be leveled up enhance equipment. All the gold you spent on pretty good equipment is pretty worthless now. Obviously… it’s a way to get us to spend more gold.

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I agree, it is a little OP. I’ve worked hard for a month just to get a decent set of precious items that seem to get simply outblown by a lvl 1 version of a piece of enhance gear now. For those who don’t buy gold. its a long process of hard work to get the “good stuff”. Which is ok, but not when you get on 1 day and it seems that ppl 10 lvls lower than you have way higher stats. Great idea, just needs to tone down a little on the starting stats.

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Hi guys,

Those starting stats are actually pretty important to the reason we’ve changed the loot system.

Let’s say you’re in the level 30s tier and one of you is using level 4 gear and the other level 7. Because of the starting stats and the way upgrades work, the person using the level 7 will no longer be able to just cream the level 4. Mathematically, it just doesn’t work out. (I know, real life doesn’t always look like paper figures). But that’s a big reason we made the change.

Once everyone has converted, hopefully we’ll see a more level playing field.

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guys i want to know howto get divine gear