The PR2 Master Thread (locked)

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Hi PR2 players/forumers,

Q. Zomg!!!? where are all teh stickies???!!!!!

A. Jazza and I have decided to consolidate the sticky threads in this forum.
This thread includes links to the various topics that players may find useful.

If you have any questions or feel that a thread deserves to be posted in here,
you’re welcome to PM either Jazzaboy or VforVendetta.

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Table of Contents

  • PR2 Game Guide
  • PR2's Staff History
  • Ask a Moderator

  • Ultimate Suggestions Thread
  • Play My Level!
  • Team Sign-ups/Postings Thread
  • PR2 Reporting
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    PR2 Game Guide

    Are you a new player to PR2? This guide is the thread for you!
    It includes useful information, like how to install F@H, and how to get the different hats.

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    PR2’s Staff History

    (the Kong-ified version!)

    It includes a list of past and present moderators/administrators in-game.

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    Ask a Moderator

    It’s the place to ask questions or bring up issues you might have in-game.
    It’s also a great place to get the opinion of a PR2 Staff member.

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    Ultimate Suggestions Thread

    Post any suggestions you have about PR2!

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    Play My Level!

    Have a really awesome level that you want to share? Post it and get your name out there!

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    Team Sign-ups/Postings Thread

    Whether you have a team, or are looking to join one, this is the thread for you!

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    PR2 Reporting

    Is someone asking for your password or threatening you through PMs? Click that yellow button!