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Concerns about PVP top 3 chests

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1. The blink stone is significantly inferior compared to the other usable items, pvp or pve wise. Maybe add damage or other effects?

2. What does the demagnifying glass do? Just shrink opponents? Devs, please include the item effects. Is it a stat nerf item, a dps item?

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Demagnifying Glass
This relic shrinks up to 10 visible opponents for 10 seconds. 30-second cooldown. Can be re-used indefinitely.

  • Damage: Reduce damage from affected opponents by 50%. Skill damage is not affected.

unless I choose Eye of Truth / if I win /

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How about you learn on wiki what those items do before you create topic that was discussed before several times?
Blink stone deals damage. Read description.
Teleport not useful in PvE? l2play
There is official forum where you can find what Demagnifying glass does. “View the full notes and discuss at:” – taken directly from update notes that welcome you every time you load Cloudstone. l2read I guess.