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ENRAGE (warrior skill)

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Anyone using this ? do you see a difference between having that skill or not ?

I just feel like 25% is low, actually wondering if I should get it higher lvl to see if there really is a difference.

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In PvE it’s meh, there are better skills, not to mention that pure warriors generate more power than they can use. In PvP it’s useless if you control character, since it’s best not to get hit, also similar to PvE, there are better skills. But facing character with maxed Enrage controlled by AI can vary from mere nuisance to real PITA, especially when you’re mage and use Pyro. It’s like they never run out of power for HB and can pretty much negate any damage you do to them. So unless you’re 100% PvP oriented and care not only about your wins, but also about denying them to opponents, max it. Otherwise avoid like plague.