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Design Flaw: 60+ Hours of XP Grind to Go to Grotto Isle

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Hello Makers of Cloudstone, (Edit: I originally had Makes)

This beautiful and fun game has a huge flaw. It will take me over 62 hours to grind my way up to play Grotto Island. I just finished Yetinothah at level 30. This means I need to grind 15 levels to play Grotto Isle. Level 30 requires 400,000 xp. At 25 minutes for 40,000 xp, it will take 250 minutes (25*400,000/40,000), or 6 hours and 10 minutes (250/60) to level. Each level will require more xp, but using level 30 as the base, that means I will need to play for 62.5 hours (15×250/60) just to play the last island. Can you please address this issue? I would love to complete the game and recommend it to others, but I cannot do so until then.

Thank you,

Dum Basa

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dude 400,000 exp is nothing you need like 12million or something at lvl 39 its ridiculous.

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I think 60something hours is too optimistic. I’m working my way to lvl 37 and it’s around 4,5 million exp. You do get more points on the next two islands though.

But. I think it’s meant to be that way, and no design flaw. They are creating Cloudstone island by island, and giving the players access at levels that are too low would mean they’ be running out of content very quickly. The only way to pace the players is by creating experience-point barriers on the island access. If they didn’t do that, the complaints would just shift from how much you have to grind to how long it takes the developers to finish up the next island already. The way it is now, you at least have a sense of working your way forward and up the levels.

The only way to avoid all that would be to add more people to the developer team. Which would mean more money is necessary (and afaik even now some of the developers are working for free, hoping o earn money from it later). The game right now is fully playable even without spending a dime. I don’t see how they could add more content quicker and still keep it that way.

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It’s an obvious word play. So what? He’s been a Kong Member for close to two years and played enough to be level 40 on there. That he had fun with his nickname doesn’t make him a troll .

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Pelife123, I am not trolling.

Plonck, those are very good points.

I am actually concerned. It is a great game and I would hate to see people leave it because of the level grind barrier. I would rather that they just told me the next island is not available yet.

Darjaboo, that … I don’t even know what to say to that. I don’t see how that is able to be completed without extraordinary effort.

However, if the game does not have a definite conclusion, then I can see the grind.

I wonder if they will reduce the level or change xp when another island becomes available.

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So grinding to lvl 40 is such a problem for you? Try completing full Catra outfit AND one full epic lvl 30 set. Then we can talk about grind.
Full catra: 825 Turtle shards required, assuming 7 shards/Cat Walk run (quite optimistic) that means 118 runs. Cooldown is 20 minutes, so max 3 runs/h. 118/3 = 39h20min
So yeah.
This game, while single-player, is obviously heavily MMO inspired, so there is no actual end of game. No “Congratulations, you win!” screen after you finish last island. No fireworks, just more grind.
And last but not least, 60h is nothing compared to reaching lvl 99 in Diablo 2, yet people play it 13+ years after release. If you don’t like grinding, Cloudstone is just not for you, plain and simple.

Long story short: it’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

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This is ultimately what made me give up, as well. I read on their official forums that to get from Lv. 35 to 36, it requires like 2.5 million exp. Lv.38 supposedly takes 5.5 million. Insanity. And unfortunately, according to the developers themselves, they consider the exp grind issue to be fixed because they increased the exp monsters give in some recent update.

I just found weird the way he said “Makes of cloudstone” and what the said “i would love to complete the game…”

That’s obviously just a typo of “Makers.” And by “complete,” he just means finishing all of the currently available areas. Seems pretty straightforward.

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Oops. Sorry, I meant “Makers”. I have fixed it. Thank you.

I actually thought this game could be completed. As in, you could either find the 5 stones and purify them, or defeat the evil that is trying to corrupt them. I was looking forward to reading the end of the story.

Seizan_7 is correct though, grinds are no longer my type of game. So, this game may just not be for me and now that I know that this is the design, I am okay with it. I would have been more upset if was not. If the game had an ending and required grinding.

However, I would play longer if there was less of an xp grind and at least enjoy more of the story. So, it sounds like I will be back and check up on it when more islands are produced and see if any caps have been lifted.

Thank you all,


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Wooohooo. Grotto Island is available to play.

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it seems the devs read your thread and throw in an uncomplete map as the new update.

btw, if you’re already beat yethinovah, then go grind at Hairy Paths, kill those 58 sasquishes and all other enemies there (1 hidden sasquish at a seperate island just before you fight the first two snowlem). you’ll only need 2 hours to get 400K exp without using exp booster (about 70K per run without booster, triple it if you use booster). and whats cool is, when you finish one run, the cooldown already finished making it available for another run immediately (unless you’re a strong ruby user).