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[TO DEVS] TROUBLE: Greater Eye of Truth & Eye of Truth

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Hi Developers,

I’m pretty disappointed!!
After doing 2 weeks of PvP, I’ve earned the Epic Crate for my 2nd place in the 6th season. So I’ve choosen the Eye of Truth.
Now I have to realize, that I CAN’T use the Eye of Truth and the Greater Eye of Truth (that I’ve earned in the 5th season) together.

When I use the Greater Eye, I have to wait 30sec (the cooldown), to be able to use the Eye of Truth. I understand, that I can’t use two Greater Eyes together. But that I have to wait to use a different (Epic-Legendary) item is strange… And I think it’s totally unfair, because you haven’t mentioned that somewhere, neither at the item-description nor at the wiki. So i feel humbugged – really!!!

Developers, please change that trouble!!

That I can use the Eye of Truth not depending on the Greater Eye of Truth and the other way round.
If you don’t want to change it, please exchange my Epic Eye of Truth and refund it with an Epic Crate, because the just choosen Eye of Truth is absolutely useless!! Additional it wasn’t possible to figure it out by myself, because you haven’t wrote it somewhere.

So please be fair and eliminate/solve this trouble, I would be very satisfied.


PS: No matter if you change the dependence between the DIFFERENT eyes or you do a refund, you should have to mention that somewhere.

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It’d be stupid if they didn’t share cooldowns. You could make some stupid long stun chains of upwards of 15 seconds if they were on separate cooldowns and you had both the wizard stuns. Really should go without saying it’s not allowed, but I guess putting it on the item wouldn’t hurt.

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You do know how broken that would be? If you had 3 eyes, that would account for 9 seconds of stun time. Even more if you can chain them properly with the mage stuns and with each other. Theoretically, you could keep someone stunlocked for the entirety of the battle without them even fighting back.