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I was wondering if any of the pro players could offer any advice about my build, viewable here


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Enrage is awful skill right now. Take Earth Wave instead if you want some source of power generation. Also, you dress like a monk (a lot of discipline) but have almost no offensive skills that utilize that. While crit is fun on paper, you might consider switching to warrior gear. And take at least 1 lvl in charge, it’s free, generates power and can be used as method of fast transportation, not to mention amazing way of killing all balls.

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Enrage, statistically, is pretty bad for power regen. I’d remove the points from it and put them in Earthwave. Earthwave not only restores more power over time than Enrage, but also acts as a free damage skill. Also, since you’re using Monk gear, you have less HP and defense, so you’ll want the more reliable power regen that doesn’t require you to get hit.

Next, I’d remove the point from Mass Heal. For PvE, it’s decent as a clutch heal to save your summoned ally, but in PvP, it’s worthless unless maxed, but it’s a waste of points. I’d recommend removing the point and putting it in either Sword Precision for more basic attack damage, Yoga for stronger Healbombs, or Charge for more mobility. In fact, you could probably remove the two points in Yoga and put them in Sword Precision to increase your damage further.

This is just my opinion, and I haven’t really played a Warmonk, so perhaps someone more experienced than I could offer better advice.

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Thanks for the tips. I’m a bit confused about enrage. My understanding of it is that it is a 15 sec buff on a 15 sec cooldown, and it increases attack speed by 50%, meaning if I keep it on constantly then I have a 50% damage increase. The power generation is about enough to sustain constant healbombs and the buff, with a bit left over for mass heal now and then. I figure one point in mass heal gives 50 + disc, whereas 5 points only gives 100+disc, meaning that one point in it gives me an oh crap heal now and then (basically a replacement weak pot). I have mostly disc gear for the heals, and my points in war don’t rely on fury so it is a dump stat pretty much.

I’m thinking a point in charge might be worthwhile, mostly for the mobility and minor power gain. Does adding extra points to earthwave increase its power regen? If not then maybe a single point in that would still be worthwhile with low fury.

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You’re confusing Enrage with Berserk. Enrage gives you energy at a 25% rate whenever you are struck. Berserk gives you the attack speed buff. Enrage is pretty much useless, honestly. As for the Earthwave, more points do not increase the power return, but they do increase both the range and the damage, making it a very powerful skill later on. I do agree with you about the “oh shit” heal from Mass Heal, but that means it’ll be another skill on your skill bar, which might be a problem later on, as trying to swap skills quickly while in combat can actually get you killed. =/

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Remove these:
Bikram Yoga
Mass Heal

Replace with this:
lvl 5 Express Karma
lvl 5 Earthwave

this is the reason:
Mass Heal not utterly useless on PVE, but it cost too much power and have a long enough cooldown making it useless on PVP.
Bikram Yoga, unless you can full it, its useless, and only add view more heal which most times doesnt even matter wether its there or not.
Enrage, 25% chance at most for just below 15 power rejuvenation upon being hit by enemies is just useless. Being less hit by enemies is better to aim.
Charge…hard to use, and sucks anywhere you fight less than 3 enemies.

As for the do have, express karma is because whenever enemies hit you with their normal attack (non-skill) and power up, they’ll simply get karma of lightning strike from cloudstone Thunder God. Its good to counter monks fast claw weapon attack. With your 190 disc, you’ll your enemies got stroke with lightning dealing 140 damage each strike (imagine how many hit monks deal per second, thats how much lightning stroke he’ll also get per sec, cool huh).

And lastly, earthwave because your second best stat is fury, it adds damage based on your fury while rejuvenating 20 power, and its cooldown is fast enough.