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Cloudstone should add more interactivity between friends

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I personally, currently have the best gear, potions and other items I can at my level and sometimes I get gear I don’t need, and I feel bad just selling the gear, potions and other items I earned. So what i suggest is that Cloudstone add a feature so I can give the gear, potions and other items I don’t need to one of my lower level class friends so they can use the gear, potions and other items. For example, my friend needs a “Leaf Saddle” for the contract “Splendor in the Grass” and I happen to have a “Leaf Saddle” I could give the “Leaf Saddle” to my friend so he/she could be closer to finishing the contract.In return they could give something that I may need to finish or start on an other contract.

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Amen brother. I have gotten SO many autumn’s gear sets (not including the weapon) that my friend has been DESPERATELY farming for it seems unfair to sell them, and he has gotten the leafy (monk) set TWICE OVER that i have been farming so desperately for with no results other than bird of a paradise or autumn stuff. Trading NEEDS to happen.