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Screenshots: Where do they go?

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Title just about explains it. I know in FB it goes to your wall or whatever but how about kong? Do you have to link your FB with Kong? Is this an FB-only feature?

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I’ve also been wondering about this for a long time now :D

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Copy/pasted from the FAQ.

Q: Does the Screenshot button work?

A: No, it doesn’t. The button is a feature that was in the original Facebook version of the game, but it has no use on Kongregate. If you would like to take a snapshot of something in the game without it pausing, there is a simple way to do it without having to download special software. Have whatever you want to take a picture of on your computer screen. Hold the Alt key and press the Print Screen button. Then, open up a new document in Microsoft Paint (the basic painting program on your PC), and go to Edit → Paste. Then edit and save the picture.