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[Guide] Farming Turtle Shells

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This is my route through Cat Walk zone (115 Turtloids total).

kill all (7/55), next area, run in circle, next area, kill 2(1) gerbeelipillars, wait for 3 turtles to spawn, destroy trees/gauntlet ruin, next area, destroy tree, destroy baricades with bats, next area, destroy barricades/let Catra do that, next area, destroy barricades/let Catra do that, next area (camp), kill initial 4, wait for 2 on top to spawn, kill them, 5 more spawn on the right side, kill them, kill warlock on the bottom, aggro 3 near exit and kill them with another 3 on right, kill 3 warlocks (left, bottom, right) (28/55), go back, aggro 7 turtles (initial one + 6 spawned), kill them, wait for warlock to spawn, kill him, wait for 2 turtles, kill, wait for warlock, kill (39/55),go back toward start, kill 7 turtles, 3 more spawn, kill them, 2 warlocks spawn at the entrance, kill them (51/55), go back toward entrance, kill 3 that followed you, kill 2 warlocks, go to secret area, kill all 3, then kill remaining (64/55), go back toward start, (fork) kill all except leftmost turret (81/55), go back toward start, kill everything here (95/55), go forward to fork area, kill remaining turret (96/55), go up on leftmost fork, kill everything (107/55), go back, go down (leftmost entrance), kill everything (115/55), open chest.

Turtloid count by area:
1: 7 turtloids: initial 3 + 4 spawned after short time;
2: 14 turtloids: initial 9 (2 turrets, 7 turtloids) + 5 spawned (warlock, 4 turtloids);
3 (fork): 15 total: initial 12 + 3 spawned after several seconds (possible to exit area with top exit before they spawn)
4: 16 turtloids: initial 7 (5 regular + 2 warlocks) + 6 regular turtloids spawned + 3 in secret area;
5: 12 turtloids: initial 1, 5 spawned near entrance after short time (2 after short time, 3 more during return?), 1 spawned after you kill them (near hollow tree trunk), 3 more shortly after in same place, 2 warlock next to entrance after you kill them;
6: 11 turtloids: initial 1, 4 spawned near entrance after short time, 2 more in middle bottom, 1 warlock top right, 2 turtles after you kill warlock, then 1 last warlock;
7 (camp): 21 turtloids: initial 4, 5 more short time after you kill them (2 at top, 3 near entrance), 5 more on left side few seconds later, then 1 warlock (bottom) and 3 turtles on right, then 3 more warlocks (left, bottom, right; possibly after you kill 1st warlock);
8 (upper left exit from fork area): 11 turtloids: 3 warlocks, 2 turrets, 6 regular;
9 (lower left exit from fork area): 8 turtloids: 3 warlocks, 2 turrets, 3 regular.

Initial turtles count might be off in some areas, this post is more draft than finished work.