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Speed Problem - I'm Level 38 But Simply Can't Beat Certain Levels

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Hi Everyone, Especially the Cloudstone Developers,

I’m frustrated because even with speed potions and speed enhancing backs, and spells, I simply can’t beat certain timed levels.

The latest is the Halloween Island, but I have the same problem with Yetinothah Camp.

Perhaps it’s my old age, but considering I made it to Level 38, it’s not that I can’t figure out most other aspects.

I simply can not move fast enough.

I even tried reconfiguring my skills from Wizard to Monk, but it’s impossible for me so far.

I watched the youtube video on beating Yetinothah camp, but even after mapping out the exact steps, I can’t do it in time.

Any advice? Trying 30 times each was bad enough, but the real frustration is that I’ve topped out on every other aspect of the maps, but can’t advance beyond these two that are blocking me…or one other.

I’m also stuck on Shadowed Shores, simply not strong enough to defeat the beast. Between these three missions, I can’t unlock anything else to go earn more experience…and having to play levels I’ve mastered over and over and over to get the 5 million more experience i need to go from Level 38 to 39 is not appealing.

Can you developers do anything to offer me a way around these blockages, or change the difficulty so old farts like me can enjoy the rest of the game?

I’m looking forward to any helpful suggestions.


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Yup, that’s a big problem, there’s just impossible maps for some classes. You sometimes have to respec and change your character build and change your equip. Yes, you are forced to use rubies just to finish other maps. Like Yetinothah Camp, It’s impossible for Wizards with Wizards equip. If you’re Monk, using Haste, its a must in this map. For Warriors, use Charge.

Don’t forget to use Warrior equips so you can just pass by and ignore monster even they hit you.

As for Shadowed Shores, It’s really hard. Even I’m lvl 40, I had a hard time time beating that stage too. My tactic was straight forward. Don’t get hit and kill the boss as fast as you can. If you just run all the time, It’s attack will just get more and more complicated to dodge, especially at low health.

Then after, there is another impossible map for Warriors and Monk, lol. It’s called Shimmering Sands. You might wanna respec to Wizard again.

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Yetinothah Camp is difficult, I used one speed potion and one health potion and still had 24 seconds left on the clock. But like you guys said, it has something to do with my warrior EQ, simply do not mind the monsters even if they hit you, you can always use a health potion while running. If you have charge it will also be very helpful.

As for Shadowed Shores I tried one time and gave up lol, maybe later when I’m higher level. I didn’t get your strategy ampss, you said you “don’t get hit” but how did you do that when theres 30 tentacles shooting at you? How many potions did you use?

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I appreciate the feedback, but I’m still stuck. I’m not likely to play levels I’ve already gauntleted over and over and over and over and over and over… just to level up a few more levels… Game has to keep giving me something new, and if I can’t get to it without spending 100 hours repeating myself, I guess I’m done.
It was fun getting this far…but oh well

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At shadowed shores, Dodging is still possible at early phase but when the the screen turns black which means the boss is in low health there are 2 things you can do.

It’s almost impossible to dodge w/ that black screen so activate Aegis or Bubble Shield and attack the boss w/ all your might and just hope the It will be dead before the skill wears off (Use cooldown potion If needed)

Another thing; When the screen turns black, Click the button as if you are swapping skill and just wait until the black screen fades, though you need to be pretty fast.

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I’m actually where you are at too Praxis – I am not fast enough (as a Wizard) for Heal the Yeti. I cannot defeat the Octobot (Shadowed Shores) and the Halloween Cat pretty much kills me on the 2nd or 3rd duckray swarm.

I find it ridiculous that I must (emphasis on must) continue to spend rubies to respec just to beat a mission where the game should be balanced on the fact that all three classes have a chance to beat each level. The more I continue to play, the more I find that I must be tanky and pretty much should be a Warrior or Monk to continue in this game, with each boss just being even more frustrating than the previous.

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In reply to ampps – Shadowed shores, just pause the game by clicking off-screen and wait until the black screen fades so that you can see.

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I could finish all gauntlet levels of Yeti camp with Wizard(maxed Healbomb skill though) with shurikens. no speed potion or heal potion used. I was level 31 or 32 wizard with Fake faerie wing(8% more speed) and speed of the fox(5% more speed).
Shuriken restores 5 power when used, so using shuriken actually helps to heal & kill enemies more efficiently. I used shuriken 3 or 4 times per try. Go counter-clockwise, and heal “the second appears Yeti” after you came back from right side route.
Spell pyro penguin right here, upcoming summoned enemies are killled while you are healing this Yeti.(took picture for only explanation. ignore equipment, timer left and # of yeti healed)

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Just bumping it to say that’s pretty much how I did it (fake wings + fox amulet, wizard) and without speed potions I had good 10 seconds left. Pyro to counter ambush, Firebats for everything else.

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actually, now with the new holiday event with snowldiers and snowmagus, it they should keep the ice nats (nits?) busy for a while, that or summon friends as sacrifices.