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Just though that w/ the prospect of future increases to the level cap, more skill would be needed.

Warrior Class
Fortitude: (this idea I borrowed from another player [can’t remember who] and I decided to add some numbers to it)
-allows the player to gain a small amount of hp for each enemy defeated
-Tier 5 Passive Skill: Ranks (10/15/20/25/30hp) per enemy defeated

Armor Bash: (the first skill based on a player’s armor stat!) inspired by Adrokila’s comment
-player thrusts themselves at enemy dealing damage
-Tier 4 Active Skill: Ranks (20+.6 armor/ 30+.65 armor / 40+.7 armor / 50 + .75 armor / 60+.8 armor)

Mage Class
MegaBane: (similar to the one champions use) it’s not really one of my best ideas as it’s only really useful in PvP
-removes power from all enemies in a given area
-Tier 3 or 4 Active Skill: Ranks (10/20/30/40/50 power) 30-second cooldown

Blizzard: (just wanted to balance out the fire and ice skills on the Mage skill tree)
-reduces the attack speed (maybe the movement speed as well) of all enemies in a given area
-Tier 4 or 5 Active Skill: Ranks (15/20/25/30/35 percent slower for 8 seconds) 20-second cooldown

(inspired by Naradan: these move could have an additional effect of the user gaining 5 power per enemy hit. If this were the case, the move would be in the Tier in bold)

Monk Class
Attract (a.k.a. Reverse Power Burst): (just like megabane, it’s used by champions) this skill would likely have mixed results
-yanks all enemies in a given area towards the player, dealing damage
-Tier 4 Active Skill: Ranks (similar to that of Power Burst) same-cooldown (maybe faster?)

Armor Pierce: (courtesy of hpabpa on Kongregate)
-claw attack which negates a percentage of armor
-Tier 5 Active Skill: Ranks (10/20/30/40/50 percent of armor is ignored in calculation of damage on a normal claw attack for 4 seconds)

For the Monk and Mage classes, a Tier 5 Passive Skill that provides stat bonuses could be added like the Tier 3 Bifocals or Bikham Yoga (5/10/15/20/25) called Sight / Tai Chi and for the Warrior class another skill that gives bonus hp called Steel (like Grit and Toughness, only Tier 5)

They all need some work. I’ll be periodically updating this list.

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you lose your nice format on the text :(