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So, I heard you guys want to go public with badges and whatnot? Well, that would mean quite big income of badge hunters and other players who might not like some aspects of this game. Since Playsaurus is in my top 3 Kong devs, I thought I’d share my thoughts and help you avoid getting Cloudstone’s rating lowered by whiny kids that play on Kong.
First of all, creating guild is rubies only. I realize why you did that (or at least I think I do), but most people won’t. Expect a lot of whining about that.
Guild search system is, to put it mildy, very simple. Too simple I think. There is absolutely no information about guild whatsoever. This will lead to people spamming invite requests to every single guild they can find. Which leads me to my 3rd point. Some basic info, like number of players and current rating would be nice.
“You are waiting for <guildname>”. Once I send request to other guild, guildname changes. Does it mean that request sent to previous guild is cancelled? And why can I seemingly send infinite amount of requests to same guild? There should be some kind of notification, like “you already requested joining this guild”.
Some basic explanation of guild perks wouldn’t hurt too. Not top priority, but it would really save time of oldtimers answering same questions over and over again.

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All valid points. Perhaps a gold alternative to making a guild, such as 500k gold, or even 1mil gold, to at least sate the whiners a bit. “Too expensive” is better than “WTF it costs rubies? Screw that.”

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You can earn rubies just by playing, and if you don’t plan to buy any, then what else is the small amount of rubies you generate good for? I don’t think the rubies for guild is that big of a problem. Not everyone is going to form a guild anyway, or there will be no point to guilds.

Not that there won’t be complaints… :p

Unrelated guild feedback:
How about you can see your own guild shield somewhere, or turn it on/off like headgear.
How about a sensible way to see who it is who is requesting guild membership? A CS name is near meaningless. Clicky-linky character viewer or something.

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Originally posted by ZothOmmog:
what else is the small amount of rubies you generate good for?

There’s actually quite a lot of stuff you can buy from small amount of rubies, starting with bigger inventory space.
Point is, I’ve played enough MMO-ish games on Kong to know that every time people see “premium currency only” feature, they cry pay2win. Sadly, it doesn’t matter what truth is, but what people think it is.

Another idea: allow small (5 players? 10?) guilds to be created for big, but not impossible (100k? 250k?) amount of gold. Expanding them to current limit would cost more rubies than creating standard (25 rubies, 50 players) guild.

Oh, and more feedback: allow guilds to switch between public/private recruitment. Alternatively allow some custom guild description, so they could put “no recruitment ATM” or “I made this guild only for myself”, so people don’t waste time applying to guilds like Playsaurus. ;P

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I did buy a guild becuse i wanted to call it “Vulnerable mages”. But I can’t look at the people that wanna join , also there is no description so I can say “Only sorcery based mages.”. Seriously why does it not exist?