Respawning Chest Locations

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Hey just thought I’d jot down the locations for ppl like me who like to do daily chest rounds :)

Southern Forest: NE corner, center

Tangled Forest: NW corner

Wooded Forest: NE corner, SE corner; (telecore cave has one inside too)

Deep Forest: SW corner, SE corner

Western Vale Range: SW corner; the underground river(cave right near the teleporter – NE corner)

Eastern Vale Range: NW corner

Southern Desert: SW corner

High Desert: East side, NE corner

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there is another one in the western vale range, go find it

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A little community announcements for people who know where chests are, golden chests don’t respawn so if you see them don’t report them here, thanks.


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Tangled Forest: NE Corner (near exit to Southern Forest)

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western vale range, the underground river(cave right near the teleporter), NE corner

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seek and ye shall find: