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This is for suggestions to the game and I just happen to have one,

I think instead of making it so you have to walk all the way to the town/village each element of guardian should have a way to sorta teleport to the guardian centre EX:

Fire:the first guardian in line shows up and shoots flame at character, then the character blazes on fire and shoots up as a fireball toward the guardian centre.

Water:the first guardian in line shows up and makes a small lake/puddle around and under character, then the character sinks in and comes out another puddle in the guardian centre and soaks up the water

Nature:the first guardian in line shows up and makes two vines fall down next to the character, then the character grabs on to them with each hand and gets pulled upward, then the vines fall with the character on it into the guardian centre

Note:The guardians would come with the character in similar fashion and disappear at the guardian centre. I know it’s a lot, but I believe it would be beneficial to the game and it would remove the hassle having to go all the way back to the centre

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Good idea, but it needs more detail. What do you mean by “first guardian in line”? Perhaps a teleporter would be more simple.