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It seems each “type” of guardian share the same skill set from their respective database +/- one or two. I think there should be more unique skills among same types. Each guardian may have a signature move that sets them apart from the other ones in their category.

Right now as things are, success comes in picking the strongest skill, then picking the guardian that has the highest stat for that skill. defense, special defense, hp and speed are hardly utilized enough in this game.

Some guardians are rendered useless because of this mechanic, so you basically see the same 4-5 guardians in rotation in pvp. This game has good potential and would like to see it become more :)

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I agree. I haven’t played for about 2 months, so I don’t know if it’s changed since then. Things got extremely grindy and monotone once your level reached mid 20s. Basically if you had an inferior Guardian you’d lose the battle 95% of the time because there’s very little variation in the moves you have. I had all of my starters at level 31 and used only 1 move for all of them. Most of them had 3 class-specific moves that were tiered which only made one of them useful since it was the most powerful move. There was almost no skill in fighting. The only advantage you could gain in PvP is playing switching head games and hopefully ending up with a Guardian that has an advantage over theirs.

Having an array of skills that do different things and allowing Guardians to have multiple different elemental moves would add a lot more skill to the actual fighting.