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Lock Sticky: Official/Commonly Used Threads Masterthread (Look here before you make a thread!) 1 4,260 Apr 30, 2016 3:42am
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Lock Sticky: OT Guidelines (edited again for +10 actual cawws!) 11 37,904 Dec 26, 2013 10:48am
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Lock Sticky: Mod Contact Info 1 26,759 Sep 28, 2011 8:23am
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Comment Markdown sucks for mobile 2 5 13 minutes ago
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Comment RIP Vine 15 71 17 minutes ago
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Comment [Serious] Where is Occooa? last 57 657 32 minutes ago
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Comment should i go to sleep at a decent time for once or finish my chemistry homework 3 24 1 hour ago
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Comment I guess this is the new fad, so AMA 17 162 1 hour ago
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Comment A strange man is in your pumpkin patch 10 43 2 hours ago
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Comment Most overused word? 18 140 2 hours ago
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Comment Opinion on Pineapple Pizza? last 28 173 2 hours ago
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Comment BloodScourge: AMA last 207 1,365 2 hours ago
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Comment What is the most impressive thing about OT? last 27 185 3 hours ago
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Comment What's new, OT? last 4252 101,420 3 hours ago
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Comment With Halloween Around the Corner, What's your favorite spooky/horrorcore song? 7 53 5 hours ago
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Lock [Read at your own risk] Scratch 2 37 5 hours ago
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Lock Join my TC~ 2 22 5 hours ago
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Comment TP's AMA last 36 236 6 hours ago
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Comment I would like to apologize for my inappropriate behaviour 14 224 6 hours ago
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Comment Questions [Please answer] last 32 306 7 hours ago
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Comment Kong's doing an AMA so I'm doing an AMA last 45 272 8 hours ago
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Comment OT's Official Cringe Thread Pt.3, The Half-Blood Cringe last 116 2,453 8 hours ago
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Comment How well do you know Gaming Culture? 13 108 8 hours ago
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Comment Metal's OT Questions and Awnsers 12 146 8 hours ago
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Comment (Serious Talk) Why are people so hyper for the Nintendo Switch? 12 122 8 hours ago
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