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Comment Sticky: Official/Commonly used Threads Masterthread (Read before making a thread!) last 416 127,436 Aug 25, 2014 11:40am
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Lock Sticky: Quality Threads: Dos and Don'ts 1 17,041 Feb 13, 2014 7:00pm
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Lock Sticky: OT Guidelines (edited again for +15 excellence) 12 18,574 Dec 26, 2013 10:48am
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Lock Sticky: Updated Mod Contact Info 1 14,271 Sep 28, 2011 8:23am
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Comment Anime Addicts Anonymous (AAA) last 7371 225,209 19 minutes ago
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Comment I was hoping to go for being the first to go for this weeks Kongpanion... 12 65 32 minutes ago
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Comment Would you rather know your date of death or how you will die? 20 115 53 minutes ago
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Comment omg I just got an idea for a 21 year long vacation :D last 37 557 53 minutes ago
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Comment Alt's and their owners. last 28 157 1 hour ago
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Comment Cookies! last 30 331 1 hour ago
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Comment Pick 2 posters in OT before entering this thread last 55 972 2 hours ago
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Comment Changed my mind, September is now Balloon avatar month last 34 462 2 hours ago
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Comment September is cat avatar month 9 87 3 hours ago
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Comment New OT's Official Tinychat Thread (NEWT) last 430 4,718 3 hours ago
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Comment What is your most favorite post on OT? 4 41 3 hours ago
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Comment Who is the most active user in OT? (Debate thread) last 68 1,109 3 hours ago
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Lock mfw 6 2 23 3 hours ago
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Comment Do you think Kongregate OT has a bad reputation? last 33 269 3 hours ago
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Comment Microsoft is run by weaboos last 30 573 4 hours ago
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Comment The Departing Thread last 2390 120,792 4 hours ago
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Comment Post your desktop [HERE]! last 1031 130,816 4 hours ago
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Comment MRW CELEB NUDES ARE LEAKED 3 37 4 hours ago
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Lock If MmeBunneh locks this thread 9 67 4 hours ago
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Comment A few people who came from BYM, then to GL, then to OT 15 68 4 hours ago
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Comment in this thread we pretend that the entire worlds electricity has been run out last 40 169 4 hours ago
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