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Comment Sticky: Kongbitrary Day 2015 - Participants 46 [Updated 23 July] last 372 10,872 2 days ago
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Comment Sticky: Official/Commonly used Threads Masterthread (Read before making a thread!) last 664 146,849 2 days ago
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Lock Sticky: Quality Threads: Dos and Don'ts 1 295,761 Feb 13, 2014 7:00pm
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Lock Sticky: OT Guidelines (edited again for +15 excellence) 12 25,223 Dec 26, 2013 10:48am
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Lock Sticky: Mod Contact Info 1 19,275 Sep 28, 2011 8:23am
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Comment Complete the sentence... 5 20 5 minutes ago
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Comment Can someone quickly link me the "Silenced" page? 1 12 10 minutes ago
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Comment tfw you're banned for nine hours last 43 265 11 minutes ago
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Comment What is the weirdest Youtube channel you've ever found? 15 164 14 minutes ago
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Comment The Official Good Night Thread last 4528 329,210 23 minutes ago
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Comment Guys I broke my dad's TV 16 123 23 minutes ago
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Comment The OFFICIAL Rate your OT day thread last 31 267 24 minutes ago
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Comment Rate the song above you. V.2 last 11461 257,595 25 minutes ago
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Comment The Tinychat Thread: OT Edition last 403 11,604 28 minutes ago
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Comment In memory of Ubermorgen last 119 929 1 hour ago
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Comment ITT: Post photos of yourslef Mk. 2 last 4398 142,669 2 hours ago
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Comment Bad Translator 13 124 2 hours ago
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Comment How the fuck is Pixels sexist? last 35 284 2 hours ago
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Comment If the pitcher has so far pitched a perfect game, and you are the batter in the bottom of the 9th, do you purposely strike out to give it to him? last 46 230 2 hours ago
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Comment Anime Addicts Anonymous (AAA) last 8805 308,729 2 hours ago
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Comment What is the biggest burn/butthurt moment you have ever seen on the internet? last 91 1,443 3 hours ago
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Comment I acidentally peed on my dad's keyboard! HELP last 83 492 3 hours ago
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Comment OT's Official Board Game Online Thread (BGOT) last 132 1,279 3 hours ago
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Lock >mfw gevock tells me to not spam pictures 2 42 4 hours ago
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Lock 15niceman is back 11 98 4 hours ago
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