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Comment Sticky: Kongbitrary Day 2015 - Participants 46 [Updated 23 July] last 372 10,918 Jul 26, 2015 3:52am
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Comment Sticky: Official/Commonly used Threads Masterthread (Read before making a thread!) last 664 146,896 Jul 25, 2015 9:53pm
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Lock Sticky: Quality Threads: Dos and Don'ts 1 295,779 Feb 13, 2014 7:00pm
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Lock Sticky: OT Guidelines (edited again for +15 excellence) 12 25,272 Dec 26, 2013 10:48am
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Lock Sticky: Mod Contact Info 1 19,289 Sep 28, 2011 8:23am
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Comment What's up with your room? 3 6 1 minute ago
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Comment OT's Official Board Game Online Thread (BGOT) last 140 1,319 3 minutes ago
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Comment What languages do you speak? last 46 330 4 minutes ago
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Comment could you imagine how badass it would be to have a pet wasp last 31 158 4 minutes ago
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Comment Elite OT clan last 267 2,968 6 minutes ago
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Lock ayylmaox10 2 10 6 minutes ago
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Comment Whats the game you have replayed the most times? 17 104 6 minutes ago
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Comment Card Games 20 100 10 minutes ago
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Comment Worst games you've ever played? last 35 280 21 minutes ago
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Lock an evil mage casts an evil spell on you 2 28 43 minutes ago
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Comment Could you survive a week alone stranded on a deserted jungle island? 22 137 46 minutes ago
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Lock what true autism looks like 4 53 1 hour ago
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Comment if u were born in ot, what parents would you have based on posting last 61 436 1 hour ago
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Comment What was the last thing you copy/pasted? last 902 8,894 1 hour ago
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Comment Its World Hepitis Day 3 29 1 hour ago
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Comment TV sizes (rich kid thread) last 33 212 1 hour ago
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Comment The Tinychat Thread: OT Edition last 404 11,664 2 hours ago
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Comment Windows 10 Comes Out Tomorrow last 41 233 2 hours ago
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Comment Wearing the same clothes twice in a row last 29 217 3 hours ago
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Comment This fourm/site seems to have a RAM overused effect or something 11 89 3 hours ago
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