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Comment Sticky: Kongristmas Secret Greg 2015! - 32 Participants [NAMES DISTRIBUTED] last 118 1,759 5 hours ago
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Comment Sticky: Official/Commonly used Threads Masterthread (Read before making a thread!) last 692 154,688 Nov 12, 2015 6:02pm
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Lock Sticky: OT Guidelines (edited again for +15 excellence) 12 28,710 Dec 26, 2013 10:48am
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Lock Sticky: Mod Contact Info 1 21,293 Sep 28, 2011 8:23am
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Comment Square Enix released "Rhapsodies of Vana'diel" expansion pack on ps2 version of final fantasy 5 39 1 minute ago
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Comment Please stop hating me 1 4 4 minutes ago
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Comment SHARE A COKE WITH ISIS 1 9 32 minutes ago
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Comment Rate the song above you. V.2 last 12079 280,737 35 minutes ago
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Comment Why do People Still Give a Hoopla About Justin Beiber? 3 15 36 minutes ago
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Comment What was the last thing you copy/pasted? last 3122 29,578 38 minutes ago
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Comment so you come here often? 2 19 58 minutes ago
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Comment Does anyone else... 8 84 1 hour ago
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Comment cock in hand 4 24 1 hour ago
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Comment i really gotta shit rn 3 30 1 hour ago
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Comment I get on facebook, and right on top of my news feed.... 3 46 2 hours ago
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Comment Top five favourite chocolate bars? last 45 354 2 hours ago
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Comment chod in hand 19 150 2 hours ago
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Comment minecrafttroll reviews: BloodBORE: The Old Hunters 5 41 2 hours ago
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Comment ITT: Post photos of yourslef Mk. 2 last 5630 180,237 2 hours ago
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Comment splatoon art is actually kinda ugly [INFORMATIVE THREAD] last 40 301 3 hours ago
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Comment Forum feature suggestions 21 186 3 hours ago
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Comment Happy Everyday because i cant change this all the time. last 139 2,267 3 hours ago
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Comment What are you listening to? 4 31 4 hours ago
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Comment You have to move to a different country and live there for a year last 26 148 4 hours ago
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Comment Sum your life up in quotes. last 39 313 4 hours ago
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