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Music by PixelJam Folks

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All three of the PixelJam team members make music… so heres a bunch of free mp3s.

Miles Tilmann (the programmer) makes electro/idm/ambient :

Rich Grillotti (artist) plays guitar. Miles made a droney / spacey album with him, and it’s here: (in the upper right… recommended track : sunspots)

Mark Denardo (music and sound fx) makes singer-songwriter gameboy pop folk : +

Miles and Mark made a rock band called OMAC :

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Omac and Mark Denardo are impressive, since I haven’t heard chiptunes mixed with vocals before. I’m not a big ambient fan, but I was still impressive with Miles.

Your next game should include more music like this :3. Great stuff.

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Nice Music, I really do like ambient stuff so, I thought Miles has some impressive work under his belt.

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I like ambient stuff, and I ADORE 8-bit stuff, so I like OMAC’s stuff!

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