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I'm back!! page 5 (locked)

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I’m working towards post 1000

They all are. View the thread:

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post count doesn’t matter. a spam-fag with 1000 posts is exactly the same as a spam-fag with 20 posts.

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Guys, please leave these topics alone. Let them sink to next pages and get locked.

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Great, where the hell has all the sanity and intelligence gone in this forum? Seriously, everyone seems to have taken direct hits from stupid-bombs.

Anyone who hasn’t been here long enough to know: This guy should go to meetings at assholes anonymous. He’s been through many accounts now, he’s been insulting and aggravating, he’s probably pissed-off everyone he’s come across and the only way he’ll be accepted is if he changes. I doubt that, although maybe that’s just my pessimistic attitude. He might do, eventually, he just needs to change the way he acts on the forum.

And Lige, good to see you’re trying to help but please, try and get the full story before you take sides. Oh, and you might want to not use “fag”, “gay” or similar terms as insults, because A) it offends people who actually are gay, and B) The words just aren’t insults. It just doesn’t work.

Now, that’s my input, if you agree, you don’t need to post. If you don’t agree, I don’t want to hear it on this thread, shout me if needs be. Either way, this thread should have died ages ago, leave it be.
And yes… I know that I’m not helping the thread die by posting, but I’m just trying to straighten things out.

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Sigh… I’m still laughing that this spammer guy has caused a 5-page argument. :P I’m not laughing because of him, just that everyone else dropped in and just had to argue about it. I mean…Usually things like this might trickle into the 2nd page. But nope! This one somehow causes 5 pages of arguing and disagreement. >_>