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evryone from everywhere has gathered for a huge fight. please post a bio and join, this should be fun, o and when posting a bio dont put like, three details, please put some detail into ur bio……….here’s mine.
alignment: good

spiecies: demi-god


wieght:175 lb

armor: dragon armor

clothing: a black trench coat, over my armor

weapons: my crystal sword, Brightblade, whom i can talk to
items:a dragon ruby ring that is an archmage named Annyndel, who can come out and teach me spells

unsuasual features: i am a demi-god of power, and when he is fully released he gives me 100x power, unimaginable powers, and healing abilities, when not released, he gives me 5x normal power, and fighting finesse. jet black hair

about: he met brightblade and Anynndel on a dark day when he was about to be overthrown by an evil warrior named Tryndigel, but didnt know their powers at that time, he defended himself as best as he could, but it was not enough. thats when the lord of power, Trag, decided to make Tragadore his loyal embodiment, and at that posessing moment, Trag was not used to the body yet, so was immediately released, giving him WAY more than enough to kill Tryndigel, but then Trag started to get used to being in his body, and became controllable, but because of the sudden power surge through his body, he fainted for 3 days.

everyone, please make your bio at least a bit like this. the more info the better, but dont give me crazy info like how long each and every toenail is, and stuff like that… rules are kong rules, and no extremely absurd things…there will be ten spots, if u wud like to reserve one, then tell me

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dude, i meant with the classifications, not with my description!! if ur gonna sign up, please do it for real.

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Wow…Yet another attempt at RP. What’s this, like 10 in the past week? All other ones have failed, I don’t see why this one should be any different…

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well, its my first, and im hoping to do good, cuz it seemed like it cud be fun

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blacksharpie signs bio later

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mine wont fail so why should his fail

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ty yexx and jared, i think..

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Sign me up

Give me a minute to find my Bios cause im not typing it for the 80th time

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ok, ty evry1

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Name: Chaos/Ryu

Alignment: Good

Class: Chaos=Gunslinger/Necromancer Ryu=Claw Master/Healer (dont leave any corpses around when Ryu is pissed or else there will be an army of undead)

Nickname: Chaos=Mirage of Deceit, Ryu=Healer of Life (that was pretty obvious)

Weapon: Death Penalty, Gun of the Demon Chaos. (Death Penalty is the name of the gun), And the Pheonix Red Claws, Skyscorcher and Oblivion

Armor: Red Dragonhide Armor which is fully concealed by a full black Robe such as those worn by shinigami in Bleach

Hair color: Chaos: Crimson, Ryu: Whitish Blue.

Eyes: Ryu:Sky blue Chaos :Blood Red

Skin: Tan

Abilities: As Chaos he can fly for 3 days non stop if he wanted too. As Ryu he has the Ability to heal any person to any extent in other words he can resurrect someone. They both Move as Fast as a Cheetah and their strenght surpasses that of a charging Rhyno. Both can Warp time and space to their liking however they can only go to the Future and The present not the past (and by present I mean at the time, date, and year they went to the future)

Weight: 150 lbs.

hieght 6’4”

Age: 25 (this helps out alot)

Species: Unknown

Their one true weakness is that neither may kill someone that the other is friends with.
Chaos was once evil but chose to fight for the side of good (Yay)

Background: His whole family was killed at birth by bloodthirsty bandits. He is the lone survivor of his race as a young boy he trained under a monk for 5 years of his life until he had successfully mastered the art of healing… Chaos awakened after those five years and began training under a necromancer(again for 5 years) he recieved Death Penalty from his mentor who told him that whenever you finish using this gun you must revert it back to your amulet. Both of them know about their other half and they do not disrespect each other. however though Chaos appeared after his family died he still feels remorse for their death and wants revenge… Ryu usually is the one who controls their body however when Ryu gets angry he turns into Chaos. He has been searching the past ten years to find the bandits who killed his parents.

My Guy is Godly

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oh me and blacksharpie sign (im both of them)

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ok, usually, when im in a game, i go to sleep,and then EVERYONE posts, so im happy that that didnt happen… o, and fyi, im prolly not gonna be posting from 10pm-9am

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so just to make it clear blacksharpie is signing twice

is that ok?

one threw me and another for myself

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umm… i guess so, but dont, like, say somthin as yexx, then be like,“cue blacksharpie” then black taks and u be like “cue yexx” and so on and soforth…

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This looks good, I’ll sign up. Thinking of a bio for my character. Good luck on your first RP game cj. You’ll need it.

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ty walford, and heres the sheet so far…



undecided:black, yexx, walford

posting a bio thats completely unreasonable:kiras

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Name: Sor

Age: 24

Species: Human in apperance

Gender: Male

Class: Hunter

Race: Alkain

Relgion: Alkaist

Special Skills:


Clothing: Black leather trousers, black leather boots, tight black sleeveless shirt.

Items: Gold ring around Index Finger on Right hand

Skin: Very Pale

Height: 8ft

Weight: 300

Other: Heavily Muscled


Hair: Bald

Eyes: Brown

Teeth: White, 5th right along bottom row is missing, replaced with gold

Nose: Heavily Scarred

Ears: Right lobe cut off


Battle Info

Weapons: Huge red broadsword





Home Country:


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Kiras you Arse dont copy my Bios please

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He copied mine, i’m going to report him.

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Name: Johan.

Clan: South Sky War Hungerers( Allingment: Bad).

Age: 15.

Home Country: Unknown

Race: Orc.

Class: Blademaster.

Height: 6 2".

Armor: Golden.

Clothing: Huge white loose pants, no shirt.

Hair: Long, black.

Eyes: Red.

Weapon: Huge blade with blood markings.

History: As a young orc in the “South Sky War Hungerers” he witnessed endless violence, his friends and his familly being brutally murdered. Every time something like that happened he would lose a bit of his emotions. Now he is just a cold-blooded, heartless killer.

Myths: Legend has it that Johan the Blademaster’s heart and soul have decayed and died so much that it is nearly impossible to kill him.

Interesting Facts: He can not resist the taste of spicy food. The blood-thirsty look in his eyes is able to paralyze someone if you look deep enough into them. He wears a necklace with a tooth from a dragon that he killed at the age of 10. Has never cried.He can move up to 150mph (fighting or running or whatever). Has the ability to jump 100 feet into the air.

Abilities: Can burst into flames without being burned. Can make fake copies on demand to confuse eniemies. Can make a battle cry to summon either a thunder storm or a tornado.

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who copied your what

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ok here is mine and my other one which will only be one (yea its confusing)

name black

spiecies human

age 32

birthday may 21

hieght 7’6"

wieght 301 lbs

hair longish dark red hair that is in a crazy animea style

gender dude

faicial hair a thik beard and mustache (kinda like a woodsmen’s)

skin tanned

eyes red

teeth yellow

ears rounded

build a think musclure build

armor heavy armor made from death iron (a heavy allmost indestructable metal) black and red

cloths only wheres armor exept for a long thick black thrench coat

items a half black half white pendent, and a black hat (whith a whide brim that gos all the way around the hat)

weapons a thick black broad sword 20 throwing axes (black of course) and a huge battle axe

personality a loud rude man who like beer

ally bad

now for yexx’s (they are one person they swich in and out of each other (sorta like word slaya(sorry but its just such an awesome idea))

name white


age 23

birthday may 12

hieght 6’7"

wieght 103 lbs

hair longish light blue hair in an animea style (sorta like yuki’s avatars but blue)

gender dude

faicial hair none

skin pale white

eyes blue

teeth white

ears pointed

build thin and musculare

armor light armor with cain mail made from mythril, it is white, silver and light blue

cloths only wheres armor exept for a long thin white thrench coat

items a half black half white pendent, and a white hat (whith a whide brim that gos all the way around the hat)

weapons a thin white katana 100 throwing needle and 50 shuriken (white of course) and a blade that exstends from his elbow to 2 feet in front of his hand

personality a quite intreverted soul

ally good

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age-20000(looks 20001)

allignment-town drunks

Is an old drunk man who lives with his mom. he is an immortal. He may look weak but he is extremely powerfull. He has 32 different types of cancer and he has over 105 drinking related diseases.

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O.O How did you find me? XD

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who me?