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first badges.... (locked)

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what were YOUR first kongregate badges

mine were

5pts- “HOLD THE LINE!”
15pts-“Unleashed Fury (and Zunder) Badge”
30pts-“Amazing Maze Master Badge
60pts-”Rhythm Prodigy Badge"

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Just click on somebody’s profile,and then click ‘view all badges’,the badges at the top are the ones that they got first… >.>

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well what fun is that?

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5pts- “HOLD THE LINE!” 15pts-”Unleashed Fury (and Zunder) Badge” 30pts-”Amazing Maze Master Badge 60pts-”Rhythm Prodigy Badge”

Yeah right. ;)

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Bull crap. Your first 4 badges were

Hold the line-5 points

Score some kills in protector-5 points

Dirty Desk-5 points

Complete easy mode on BTD2-5 points

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I dont know mine and cant be bothered to look. how awesome is that?

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he put his first easy, his first medium, his first hard, and his first impossible, not his first 4 ever

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