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hmmm i don’t really know alot of songs but probably Laid to Rest by Lamb of God.

but i usually just jam.

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Intestinal Incubation by Necrophagist.

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Man…Intestinal Incubation…Now there’s a song that needs to be renamed :P

The hardest song I play… man thats a hard one. Would have to say either “Classical Gas,” or “Ojos Brujos” by Leo Brouwer.

Though everybody finds my “Dueling guitars” from August rush the most impressive (though it is quiet simple.

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I can’t really say what the hardset song to play would be laid to rest my lamb of god is quite hard the solos in “holy wars” by megadeth are alot of fun to play but not extremely hard, i couldn’t really say what the hardest song to play is

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Hmm… My favorite guitar is my Dean Razorback, yes I know it has sucky woods (Its the cheap version) and the shape is probably horrible for the sound, but in the end, the audience can’t tell, and they love the sight of it. Favorite guitarist… Probably either Joe Satriani, because he is the best at getting the mood of a song, or Trevor McNevan, you’ve probably never heard of him, but he is the studio guitarist/lead singer for the band Thousand Foot Krutch and I just love their guitar parts from some reason. Hardest song I play… The stuff I make up for the most part, but actual songs either Wayward Son (I know, actually really easy, but one mistake and everyone knows it) or Other World from the game Final Fantasy X. Oh, for Les Paul’s: They are over-rated! I have played two good LP’s, both were extreme customs, basically all that was the same was the body. Usually the action sucks, and the neck is a pain to play fast, unless you get custom.

Well that took a lot longer to say than I thought it would… XD