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Pivot Series Introduction

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My vision of a pivot artist or mastermind is that they have soo many ideas, and it starts with a program, and god knows how long to get it right. The series I’m starting is called, ‘’ Spy Missions’‘. the story behind the animation is that a drug dealer gets too close to a elemental figure, and the two people become one man. But, the bad news is that the DMK (Department of Multi-Killers) have seen what the man can do, and sent in a agent named Clark. The DMK also has a few choice weapons, but I won’t tell you. ( it’s killing you to know, right?) the characters in the story are color-coded, so you can see who’s kicking ass, or watching television. the coolest thing that I find that I think is cool, is that you have ideas in the middle of production of a pivot animation. ‘’Should I kill the agents in change sides?’‘, ’’Should I have twists and diversions?‘’, ’’Should the enemy be twice the size of the hero?’’, and other things I ask myself. the job is to bring the animations to life, but not as crazy fast as the Castle Series. (

here’s the list for the colored characters:

Green = Elemental Man (enemy)
Black = Clark
Gray = DMK Agents
any other color = EM’s henchmen

I hope to bring the first one to the internet soon. till then, I will see you in the youtube forums!