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It’s a bit hard to read.

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yeah becuase i didnt put it into paragraphs ill change it

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it doesnt work when i put it in paragraphs

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Oh well……..why am I a woman?

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that sucks i only got to appear 3 times and didn’t get a single word i got to nod though

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You nod like your picture. I wanted you to be the creepy sort of quiet guy.

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sorry but … i really dont have the effort and eyes to read that … thought u’d take a small step at a time and then let us choose what to do … cO

all i read is that u made me a girl … which im not … that made me stop

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Couldn’t read it, for spaces do double enter.

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meh why don’t you do another but have a vote at certain junctions out of 4 opptions then continue from there

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One sunny days in the medeival hills there lived a troupe of 5 knights and warriors who were sitting in there Kastle doing nothing but staring at the cold brick wall. But all of the sudden Criks felt a drip of water plop onto her head. She rubbed it out and continued “ehm” staring. This time Criks felt it again. And again. She rubbed her hair violently and then looked up at the ceiling. There was no hole. She must have been thinking something. Then TheC felt a large bucket of water be dumped on his head. He looked up to find-nothing. Then WOOSH! I whole tub full of water soaked everyone in the room. They looked up and were really starting to get suspicous. They took a long look at the ceiling.

”Just to be sure” said Yumos. “I’ll go on the roof to see if theres anything going on up there.“

Everyone else nodded. Yumos climbed the stairs to the roof of the Kastle to find nothing. She took a step further to look out into the fields but she fell in some sort of hole. She was…stuck? She felt as if she was trapped in some sort of pool. But amazingly she could still breath. Back at the castle an hour had passed and Yumos had not come back. Im gonna go see if she’s alright said squashysquish. SO squish went up to the top of the castle. He looked over the edge of the castle and noticed Yumos’s handprints on the railing. He laughed to himself.

” heh heh. Yumos would never do a suicide jump ”

. But then he started to get suspicous.

“Im gonna go check.” He said. So he went to the Kastle gate and walked into the Dark Forest in search of Yumos. Back at the castle…only Lambo and TheC were left. Criks had gone to fetch some fruit for the Kastle members. yawn yawned Lambo.

“whats taking squish so long”

” Yeah this is getting a bit weird”. said TheC.

” Omphh ” said a voice in the room.

” Yumos? ” said Lambo.

” Yeah its me…ow ” said Lambo.

” Where were you?! ” said TheC.

” Well I went up to check the hole from the Kastle, I peared over the Kastle, stepped back a few steps and then POW! I fell into a weird hole that felt like water but i could breath ”. said Yumos. TheC and Lambo made eye contact and aggreed by looks that Yumos was crazy.

” Hey-uh-Yumos have you seen squish? ” said TheC.

” He was sent to look for you ”.

” Nope, infact i havent seen him since we were all here sitting together. ” said Yumos.

” Also, Criks has been gone for a while too ”. said Lambo. The three looked at each other aggreeing that things werent adding up All of the sudden a knock banged on the door. Lambo went to get it. It wasnt Criks though…it was a black piece of paper. Lambo brought it back upstairs.

” Its a black piece of paper ” she explained.

” Probably hidden ink ” said TheC.

” Anybody got the brush? ”

Eh…no i dont believe we have one ” said Yumos. TheC set down the paper on the floor.

” Whoah! Look it’s writing on it’s own! ” The letter said,

” Dear you slobbering knights. We have captured Criks. Come to the Ikano Desert at 12:00 tonight or she dies. From Bullrush. Member of Demon Co.”

” Ignore it it’s just a trap. ” said Lambo. Yumos and TheC looked at each other strangely.

” I-I dont know…” said Yumos.

” Criks has been gone for a while…”

” Fine you ninnys go ” said Lambo. It was already 10:00 PM.

” Fine we will!” said TheC.

” Lets go Yumos ” So TheC and Yumos left the building while Lambo sat in the Kastle silently. Lambo thought to herself

” Oh what to do,what to do…Hey I got it! I’ll go look for squish while those 2 look for Criks! So Lambo climbed up the stairs in search of squish.But back inside the castle…

” Plech! That dust in the vent is disgusting! ” said RMcD. RMcD pulled out a walkie-talkie.

” Mission confirmed ” said RMcD. mumbled voice.

” Im getting there! ” RMcD shouted into the walkie-talkie.

” No sign of squish ” mumbled Lambo to herself.

” I guess i’ll head back downstairs ” So Lambo went back downstairs to find a strange man there. RMcD put down the walkie-talkie.

” Ah yes i’ve been looking for you! ” said RMcD.

” Matt! Come in Matt! ” said RMcD.

” We got one. ” All at once a man in all black swung through the small slit like window and grabbed Lambo, put her in a bag and jumped out of the building.

” Confermattive ” said RMcD. Back with Yumos and TheC…

” Ohhh its hot ” said Yumos.

” Sure is… ” said TheC. ” And Criks was supposed to bring us back a pail of water…

” But the two walked on, finnaly to reach Ikano Desert. ”

Theres a guy over there! Maybe he knows where Criks is ” said Yumos.

“Ill go ask.” Yumos walked over to the strange man. TheC squinted to see Yumos but it was to windy. TheC stood there for 10 minutes until finnaly he decided there was something very fishy going on. Criks, Yumos, Squish. Then he remembered…Lambo. TheC rushed back to the castle. Meanwhile on squish’s view of the story…

” Yuch ” he muttered.

” I think I may have gone a bit to far ” Squish was located at the Northern swamp which was basiclly in the middle of no where.

” I better be getting back to the Kastle ” he thought. So he ran back to the Kastle as quickly as possible. Meanwhile TheC was arriving to the Building. He opened the door until a sharp pain pierced him in the back.

” Ow! ” he cried.

” TheC? ” said squish.

” Squish? ” said TheC.

” Yeah…its me-squish ” said squish.

” Where are the others? ” asked TheC.

” Thats what im trying to find out, well find Yumos at least. ” said squish.

” Yumos is gone ” said TheC. Tells Squish the whole story

” So Criks and Yumos are lost while Lambo should be inside the Kastle? ” said squish.

” Yes ” said TheC.

“Lets go see if she’s still there.” So TheC and squish walked into the castle in search of Lambo. Meanwhile with Yumos…

” Criks! ” said Yumos.

” Yumos! Help me! ” said Criks.

” Shut-up!, Both of you! ” said Killerxt.

” Who are you evil people? ” said Criks?

” Members of Demon Co.! ” said Pink_Fuzzy_Bunny.

” What do you wnat? ” said Yumos.

” Oh nothing much…Just your lives! ” said Killerxt

. ” What is our lives to you? ” said Criks.

” Well you see, us demons-when we kill someone we gain the time you have left on your life to add on to ours! ” said Pink_Fuzzy_Bunny.

” Thats terrible! ” said Yumos.

” Enough! ” shouted Killerxt. Then a motercycle came up with a guy on it dressed in all black. The driver was carrying a beige bag which looked as if it was in the form of a body.

” Nice work Matt ” said Pink_Fuzzy_Bunny. Matt nodded and zipped underground

” Wait-how exactly do you transfer the there lives to yours? ” questioned Criks.

” Well its simple really ” said Killerxt.

” We put their blood in a vial than drink it! It tastes gross but its worth it. ” Pink_Fuzzy_Bunny pulled the body out of the bag.

” Lambo! ” shouted Yumos.

GRAA! I have had enough! Send these two annouyences to the underworld to die! ” said Killerxt. A man that had a tag that said Bullrush came up from underground to escort Criks and Yumos to the underworld. All around them it felt like it was getting hotter, and hotter, and hotter. Back with TheC and squish.

” No sign of Lambo TheC! ” said squish.

” Ah we might as well give up. ” said TheC.

” Wait ” said Squish.

” Didnt you talk about Yumos saying she fell into a pool like thing? ”

” Yea i did ” said TheC.

” Why dont we look there? ” asked squish.

” You go, im staying here ” said TheC. So squish walked up the stairs to the top of the castle. He walked around for a bit and at last found the secret hole. All around him was rainbow colors and water. He scavnged around for a bit to find 2 passages.

” Left or right? ” he thought. One led to the castle ceiling and the other lead to…somewhere. He decided to take the left hole. He swam and swam through the narrow passage until finnaly the water pulled up to a rock lock shore. squish dug around in the rocks to find another hole that went straight down. He jumped in hoping he was right. It was getting hotter and hotter and squish felt as if the hole would never end. But he thought wrong for he landed in a pile of charcol. It was…Hell. He had arrived in…Hell. A large door opened near by. squish heard mumbling and then crying. He decided to pear around the corner. It was Yumos and Criks! Back with Lambo…Lambo opened one eye to check what was going on. Lambo realized she was in a bag. She tried to look through the little rip in the bag but her eyes sadly made contact with RMcD.

” We got a live one! ” shouted RMcD.

” Kill it Killer! ”! Shouted Pink_Fuzzy_Bunny. Killerxt turned the bag upside down and Lambo came tumbling out with her eyes open. She kicked RMcD in the leg causing himto fall over. RMcD reached for his sword but Pink_Fuzzy_Bunny-surprised toppled on top of RMcD preventing him from grabbing his sword. Lambo stared at Killerxt. The only survivor. All of the sudden Killerxt made a dashing strike at Lambo. Back in Hell…while Bullrush and matt left the room to let Yumos and Criks dye of heat squish shouted

” Psst! You two! Over hear! ”. Yumos and Criks walked slowly over to squish.

” What are you doing here? ” whispered Criks.

” Im here to rescue you! ” shouted squish.

” A latters over here cmon! ” So Criks, Yumos and squish headed up the long ladder in hope of victory. Meanwhile back at the desert…Killerxt was just about to stab Lambo with the sword when all the sudden she stuck out her hand. The spear went right through it. Both Killerxt and Lambo made eye contact. Lambo fainted. Killerxt dropped down to his knees.

” Praise the dark lord ” he said. He scooped up the blood of Lambo and put it in his pocket.

” Nice going ” said the frazzled RMcD.

” Yeah, nice onee killa ” shouted Pink_Fuzzy_Bunny.

” Heh..yea. ” said killerxt. Back at the castle…TheC’s friend ring glowed an earry red color.

” 1 soldier down ” he thought. But then he heard a Kapoomph. He looked around the room.

“S-squish,Yumos and Criks!” shouted TheC.

” I have good news and bad news. ”

” well give us the good news ” said Criks.

” Well the good news is that we are all safe somehow…the bad news is-is that Lambo is dead. ” said TheC.

” N-No ” said squish.

” Its true ” said TheC.

” Were just going to have to face it. ” But right after TheC said that a loud knock pounded on the door. The 4 survivors creeped downstairs to see who it was. Squish opened the door.

” Oh yes-I’m back. ” said Lambo.

” H-how? ” asked TheC. Lambo took off her guantlets.

” Oh and those demons didnt get my blood. ” said Lambo.

” They got the poisening of the canesee red vipor snake.” Lambo pulled out a vail with red liquid in it.

”Those demons are probably drinking poisen as we speak!” The 5 warriors smiled of a great victory.

” Im bored ” said TheC.

However Killerxt had dropped the vial, so the evil people lived.

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lol you made the last sentence in your story change the whole thing XD

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to long u FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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awww i wanted to be evil think theres 1 more space