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Please help - make file into PDF!

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I’m trying to make a file into a PDF, and I tried an online converter but the file is too big.

If you can do this, I will e-mail the file to you. Please help!

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What kind of file? And have you tried breaking the file up to convert online if that’s possible? If you haven’t already figured it out of course.

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Try pdf creator, download a copy here (32-bit MS Windows ONLY)

(It is licensed under GNU GPL, thus 100% free to use)


1. Download and install; it will create a virtual PDF printer.

2. Configure your virtual PDF printer (paper size, compression ratio and etc.)

3. Open the document you want, and “print” it to the virtual PDF printer. The virtual printer will output the print result as a PDF file.

4. Check the result, make changes (if necessary) and reprint (if need to).

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