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Mods look: Question about reporting posts

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Ok, I was going to put this in the reporting posts thread, but then aC would kill me.

My question, should we move the reporting posts to the Technical support forum or even as a separate forum? Look at it this way, its more universal AND it goes for every forum. Every and any forum is liable to be spammed or trolled, so shouldn’t the report thread be easier to access?

Public poll and decision


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It’ll be cool if it’s universal. It’ll be more easy to access.

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It does sound more helpful being a seperate sub-forum. This may help other users in other forums a bit more, I’m not sure if everyone knows teh reporting posts section is even here.

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No, creating a separate sub-forum is both unnecessary and not likely to happen. The report thread is only a temporary tool to assist in keeping the forums clean. If anything needs to be done, a real report system needs to be built into the forums with a report icon in every post. For what it was created, it serves it’s purpose pretty well and I don’t see a big reason to change it.

Thanks for the suggestion though. If anything changes in our needs or use of the thread, this will be considered.