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"The Last Lecture" Professor died

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I’m not sure if this should be in the off-topic or serious discussionm so I’m just gonna post in the off-topic.

Randy Pausch, the professor who has been diagnosed with cancer & did his famous “Last Lecture” died today.

While I never actually saw the video or anythign, from what I heard, he was very intelligent, & the leacture was amazing.

Just wondering what you people thought of this.

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I saw this lecture. What a great man..

EDIT: Link to the lecture:

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Faith in humanity -1

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Well it’s really not humanity seeing as this person is only famous in the US. Me, as the good foreigner I am, don’t know about this man and what he’s done. :)

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Did you even watch the video, or even read the first post? They pretty much explain everything.

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