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The Kongregate Agnry Faice March of 2008!

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okay, lets make Kongregate history! almost everyone knows what the Agnry faice >:( is. made by newgrounds posters, the agnry faice is now 1 of the 7 wonders of the computor world. so i say lets go make a MARCH OF AGNRY FAICES >:( >:( >:(! so this is how it works just go to places and type in “Viva La Agnry Faice! >:( >:( >:(” thats all then the march of the agnry faices will start and the agnry faice will take over Kongregate!
>:(! join the march now!

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lets not

(and perhaps say we did)

dno, but i sense spamming

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Me too.

Epic Fail.