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Hey everyone, I was just thinking about this so I decided to get some more opinions from Kongregate members…

How many people listen to outside music (mp3s, internet radio, CDs, whatever) while playing games?

And, does it annoy anyone else when games don’t give you the option to turn off their horrid music or sound effects? I mean, even if the music is good, it can still be annoying if you don’t want it. What gives, developers? It’s good design to allow the option…

That being said, I would like to share my fav site, — that is, if you like electronic music ;)

What do you like while playing games on Kongregate??

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i rarely listen to in game music. there are exceptions like it’s mood important(Fahrenheit) or are sweet trippy like one in Runes of Shalak.
its important to be able switch off music.
other thing is that if u uploading game to portal u must upload one swf file, so u can’t keep tracks separately and load them after game’s loaded. nothing is perfect.

my fav radios:

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Music in games (including non-flash) is a fascinating topic. I wonder if it’s a cultural thing, but if you look to the east, Korea specifically, you’ll see music as a massive part of development. I believe a recent MMO by Korean developer Webzen hired a composer who worked on the Lord of the Rings movies to do their sound track. It’s all very elaborate for a chunk of the game which can be (and frequently is) turned off entirely.

Personally, I almost never leave the in game music on. There are exceptions, but for the most part I listen to my own tunes. Speaking of which, one of my favorite music site is

It’s simple, easy to use, and has helped me discover a lot of music that I would have never known about without it. Some people criticize it’s small library, but it really does have some great stuff in there, and it’s always expanding.

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Yes it’s interesting that sometimes the game music is important for the game, and sometimes it gets in the way. I will listen to game music if it makes a good atmosphere, but otherwise there’s so much better things out there…

Thanks for the link selections; I checked them out, they are tops.

I have thought about the separate tracks also: it would be good to have an option to upload external .mp3 files in a .zip, so you can load the game faster.

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that’s the topic i was waiting :p. I already posted lots of comment asking for a button to turn off the music in Kong’s games because some are not bad but it’s always annoying to me …

For instance, in Orbox B, u can’t turn off the sound which is played everytime you move … just a little shwishhh but sooo boring … I added some sounds to my own game rotaZion but it was just because Kong’s team and players asked for it.

while playing, i listen to >> huge library >> dutch hardcore radio >> another dutch hardcore radio >> Drum n Bass radio

well if it’s not a web radio, it’s my own mp3s, i listen to some all the time. that’s the reason why i hate game which don’t offer the magic turn music off button :D

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Another music site I like is oseao internet radio, a local outfit here in Seattle.
(can’t believe i forgot them!)

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Personally, the volume on my laptop is always muted, and I’ll usually be listening to music on my iPod while I’m playing games. So I don’t really mind whether or not they have a choice to turn off music (unless of course my iPod is somewhere else, and I’m forced to listen on iTunes, then it gets annoying).

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do you guys think that in game (not in options) Mute button is important? or its just distracting element?

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Games are fully self-contained pieces of art. I care not to disrupt the interactivity and execution by allowing for sound control. If people are so bent against the music, they can turn off the sound, but I usually don’t like it to happen.

I sound like an art snob right now, forgive me, I really am not that stuck up. But it’s like watching a movie with different music on. Games are made with a specific soundtrack and style to them. The author is showcasing a piece with the idea that you’ll be playing with the graphics, programming, and music set by the author.

If the music is annoying, then it’s your reflection on the entire game. The overall gameplay is effected. It should be an aspect of the game developer to decide on appropriate music and sound that makes the game amazing.

What I do understand is when the audience adds their own music due to a overplaying the game. Most flash and console games are programmed with the understanding that they will only be played a limited amount of times. Those who take the gaming to an obsession, such as perfecting a game of Geometry Wars, will overwrite the music selection for their own.

I think the public is too hasty to conform a video game to exactly what they want. Society needs to appreciate video game developer’s choices and development in soundtrack.

Im not sadistic, I promise :).

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I tend to agree with jmtb02, for his view that the game should be considered as a package, because the definition of ‘multimedia’ includes sound and music, as well as visuals (and programming, in games). The problem is, a lot of game designers either have bad taste in music, or simply settle for a sub-standard track selection. Not as much effort is usually put into the sound/music of a game, as in the programming.

It is for this reason, that I beg designers to put a mute button somewhere on their game. Because, lets face it, most of the music in games is free-off-the-internet crap.

I was lucky, for my latest game, to be able to work with a DJ friend of mine, to produce a custom track. Not everybody is so lucky, and many settle for much less.

(not in options) Mute button is important? or its just distracting element?

To answer the question: it would be really good to have the option for sound on the pause menu, as well as in the main menu for the game. To me, that is ideal.

I think, basically, it comes down to your own quality standards. How much do you care about the user experience, and how much work you put in to make it a good experience. It separates the pros from the amateurs.

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I disagree :D
To me, games are a unique art form because they can be different for everyone who plays them. The developers vision can be completely thrown to the wayside and the game can still be fun and meaningful to someone. In this sense, I am a big fan of player control in music as well as other things.

But controlled experiences are not bad, they’re just not my style. I read an interesting article on about the differences between Japanese culture and western culture and it’s influence on game design. They put out some really interesting points about Japanese preferring a more controlled and directed game experience. Japanese players tend to get overwhelmed when you give them a fully controllable 3d world with a camera that can move along 3 axes, which explains the more controlled/cinematic style of games like Devil May Cry and Resident Evil in comparison to GTA. I’m sure this applies to other aspects such as music as well.

There are exceptions of course, and it seems that true “hit” games incorporate both playstyles to a reasonable degree, but if you’re interested in the whole topic you can read the article here. (note: A bug on our forums is currently preventing this link from working properly. To view this link, remove the #38; characters from the URL that our forums will direct you to. Sorry about this! – Greg)

Maybe you should look into conquering the Asian market jmt ;)

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I do hate it when I want to listen to music, but there is other music in the backround you cant turn off. Its annoying.

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The problem is, Music is one of the hugest things that is YOUR OWN PERSONAL CHOICE. You will never find 2 people in the world that will like every single song the other person likes. So when a game maker adds a song in the background he may like it, but the person playing doesn’t like that type of music therefore is saying they chose a bad song. I hope my point is getting across.

Sounds and music makes a game so much better, but it just comes down to choice in the end. So yes, mute button should be there usually.

The funny thing is, If you don’t put music in, they while whine about it even if they were gonna mute it anyway.

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Yes yes yes! I love listening to my own music while gaming, and ooh does it grind my gears when you are forced to listen to the game’s music. Nothing against Fancy pants Adventures, but that game had it’s only flaw in the lack of a mute option.

I listen to upbeat things, mainly Techno, while gaming. When I’m just talking in chat I listen to any music, mainly my favorite (alt. rock).

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What I’d personally like to see more is music and game more closely interlinked.

Rez, Lumines are great examples. (same visionary creator, whose long japanese name escapes me at the moment)

Another thing I’d personally like the 4 second series is to give the music some meaning (not some blaring track in the background). Think Warioware Wii, where the music actually set the rhythm of the game, so you could actually play with this rhythm. It all helps to engage the player, and create a more immersive game environment.

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i love having music in games, but i think if you but music and sound effects in the games you make, you really have to but in a turn off the sound button.

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If you don’t like the music in a game, then turn your speakers off. simple!