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It seems OT gets flooded with new users come summertime, so I thought making a thread like this would be a good idea to keep those kiddies under control and not acting like complete retards (or at least acting better than they would act if this thread didn’t exist).

In this thread, you are going to learn the basics of what is Off-Topic.


You’ll notice quite a few regulars using different terms and acronyms throughout this forum, and it’s important that you know what they’re talking about.
Here are some basic acronyms and terms that you’ll need to know.

OT – This stands for Off-Topic, the subforum you’re currently using.

SD – This stands for Serious Discussion, another subforum on this website.

/2/ – It’s not as prominent as it used to be, but some users refer to Off-Topic as /2/ due to the number and forward slash in the URL for the subforum.

PM – This stands for private message.

Alt – Short for alternate account.

Kong – Abbreviation for Kongregate.

OP – Original Post/Original Poster.

TC – Tinychat – the chatroom that many OT regs visit.

QFT – Quoted For Truth – Often used to agree with something someone had posted, though quoting someone to agree with them is generally put aside as a post intended solely for 1-upping your post count.

TL;DR – Too long; didn’t read – basically means something was too long for the average OTer’s attention span.

People here also tend to spurt out memes like ‘an hero’, so if you don’t know what those mean, look them up.

People here also use acronyms for peoples’ usernames (e.g. YM12, ARK, TT, etc.), so getting to know what those stand for could also help you better understand who or what people are talking about.


I know there’s already a set of guidelines for how to behave in these forums, but there are also some key things you’ll need to learn for people to pay any attention to your posts or respect you in these forums.

1.) Don’t act like you’re smarter than everyone else.
Acting like you know everything can make people hate you pretty quickly.
Just because you think you know everything there is to know on this god-forsaken planet, doesn’t mean you do.
If you’re ever wrong, just admit you’re wrong rather than carrying on some pointless argument about how you’re right, even though you’re not.
It makes you look like a retard and makes people not want to tolerate you.

2.) postin lyk ur typin a txt to ur bff inint cool
If you’re going to post like this, people aren’t going to pay any attention to what you’re trying to say.
You’re either going to get flamed or ignored, which isn’t exactly the greatest thing in the world.
If you’re going to post here, don’t act like an illiterate retard, learn to type things properly and learn to use decent grammar.
Some grammatical errors are okay, but typing an entire paragraph without punctuation, capitalization or proper spelling is just flame bait, and you’re most likely going to get flamed/trolled/ignored for doing so.

3.) Treating the regulars like shit isn’t a way to get accepted.
Yes, I realize most people who come in here and flame are just alts, but some of them are legitimate accounts who don’t know how to act properly.
Acting like you’re better than the regs here is a fine way of trolling, but it’s no way to become accepted.
No one likes someone who thinks they’re above everyone else in this forum.

4.) Don’t spam.
Okay, so you found a cool image, whoopdy fuckin’ doo, don’t go spamming it around the forums.
It doesn’t make you look cool and doesn’t earn you respect from anyone.
This also includes spamming letters or punctuation.
Adding extra punctuation (e.g. How????) can also be considered spam, and is rather annoying.

5.) Don’t get butthurt (angry; mad) over stupid things.
Being butthurt all the time can anger or annoy people.
It may also lead to people flaming you in the future.

There are a few more things you should know, but they can be found here.

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Basic Things You Should Know

Quoting Posts

Kongregate has the option to quote posts, so there’s no need to copy and paste someone’s post inside some parentheses in your post if you wish to quote it.
Simply click the ‘Quote Post’ button located below someone’s username (circled in red):

This will quote an entire post within your post, allowing you to respond to the post.

Alternatively, if you only wish to quote a small portion of a post, use bq.
It allows you to quote small portions of posts rather than entire posts.

bq. Like this

It really cuts down on the length of your post, and also prevent quote pyramids from forming.
Quote pyramids aren’t allowed to get too out of hand in OT, so you need to be sure not to participate in one.
You might get silenced if you do (a silence is when a user loses all posting, chat and messaging rights for a certain period of time).

Editing Posts

There’s not need to post multiple times in a row.
People tend to get annoyed when you do this, so knowing how to edit your posts is important.
There’s a little button underneath your post count labeled ‘Edit Post’:

Use this button to make changes to your post.
You can add anything you missed or change grammatical/spelling errors with this button.
You can also delete posts with this button.
Simply look to the right of the typing field and you will see a small button labeled ‘delete post’:

Clicking this button will bring up a little window asking if you wish to delete your post.
Click yes, or confirm, or whatever the hell it says on your browser to delete the post.

Basic Formatting

This guide explains everything you need to know about Kongregate’s formatting.

The basic things in that guide that you should know would be bold:

*bolded text*


+underlined text+


_italicized text_


-crossed out text-

Posting an image:




(*Note: You cannot post images directly from your computer.
Use image sharing websites like Imageshack, Photobucket, Tinypic, Imgur, etc. to get a link to post these images.)

Anything else you may need to know is explained in the formatting guide.

(to make the grey boxes I’d made, just do this: <pre>[text]</pre>)

Making Threads

If you’re going to attempt to make a thread, please don’t just post anything for the OP – post something that could generate discussion among the community.
Making a thread about how you just got back from the pool and had a super fun time but adding the word ‘discuss’ to the end of it doesn’t make it something that’s going to generate discussion.
Make threads about things that would interest people – threads about music, game suggestions, etc.

Locking Threads

You might realize that a thread you’d made is no longer of any use and can now be deemed pointless, so you may consider locking it.
To lock a thread, simply delete the OP.
This will cause the thread to lock, therefore nobody is allowed to post in it any longer.

Bumping Threads

Bumping threads is generally frowned upon among the community, so I don’t recommend you do it unless you have a legitimate reason.
Bumping a thread is when you post in a thread that hadn’t been active for a period of time, whether is be a few days or a few years.
Bumping a thread that’s only a month or less old is generally accepted, but anything older than that is a no no.

Don’t Post Just For The Sake Of Posting

If you don’t have anything to contribute to the thread, don’t post anything.
It’s basically spam and makes people think of you as someone who enjoys 1-upping their post count.

Introducing Yourself To The Community

If you want to say hello to everyone here, don’t make a thread regarding your recent arrival.
There are threads for that sort of thing.

Making a thread about how you’re new to the forums generally makes people think of you as an alternate account made by one of the regulars here.

That’s all I can think of, and I hope it helps a bit.
If you can think of anything else, PM me or post it here, though I can’t guarantee whatever it is you want here is going to make it.

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This thread already exists.

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This thread already exists.

Uh, no it doesn’t?

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Originally posted by clumpy:

This thread already exists.

You should read #1 in behavior

Also, this thread is way more specific, the other one looked like a generic welcome

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We need a regular user guide too.
Since most of them are dipshits as well.

other than that, you pretty much have everything needed added in.
now i wonder if newbies will actually pay attention to this thread
assuming people don’t link it to them

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EDIT: I’m out of this thread for now.

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@OP: 5/5

Originally posted by clumpy:

Since I don’t really care, I’ll do it.


Your argument is henceforth invalid.

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Clumpy, stop being an ass and listen to this.

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hey hey!
that’s one thing to add to the thread!
Thanks Clumsy!

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I already read the other stickied threads.

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You’re trying to hard to get a sticky.

edit: add TC and QFT

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I already read the other stickied threads.

It’s funny because this has nothing to do with the stickied threads, not that you read it or anything.

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I know all about OT, I am an alt of someone.

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Originally posted by ritzfitz91:

We need a regular user guide too.

Does this count?

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Split up your posts like Fuzzybacon does, AF.

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I think this might be very useful for newf… Them new guys.

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Split up your posts like Fuzzybacon does, AF.

Do you not see the lines throughout the post?

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Originally posted by Darkir:
Originally posted by ritzfitz91:

We need a regular user guide too.

Does this count?

Oh yeah.
There was also one from TT.
Forgot what it was named though.

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Originally posted by Darkir:
Originally posted by ritzfitz91:

We need a regular user guide too.

Does this count?

Works for me.

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Do it better.

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Originally posted by ArcadianFire:

Split up your posts like Fuzzybacon does, AF.

Do you not see the lines throughout the post?

Looking at the post is essential, he didn’t do even that, presumably.
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Great guide, Arc… I just wonder how many people will actually read this.

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Tilval presumed wrong.