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Letter: P

Gender: Male

Class: Jock, Nerd and Band (Rock Band)


Backround: Gets along ok with others. Wont hurt ppl unless they have attacked him first. Doesnt like emos. Not only does this guy play the drums, but hes smart, and can kick your butt if he wanted to. Nice guy though.

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Letter: § (Stupid R and S)

Gender: Male

Class: Nerd/Loner

Grade: Junior

Background: Intelligent, shy. Always has his laptop. Remains in the libary for most of the day.

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Letter K

Gender Male

Class Clown/Trickster

Grade 6th form/seniour

Background: Always playing tricks, like clingfilming the toilets, putting buckets on top of the doors and so on. He never gets caught out. He is clever. He knows every trick in the book.

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Letter J

Gender Unknown

Class Joker, Janitor

Grade Junior

Background: I love to write funny Jokes on the floor and i Clean the floor after I wrote funny Jokes in it. I live in a Very Shiny Bathroom.

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Letter: H

Gender: Male

Class: Scene (Half Emo, Half Skater)

Grade: Freshman

Background: Has an Afterschool job as an assistant Police Officer. Gets along with everyone with the exeption of J. Currently trying to date S. Also, His Father, D, owns a gun shop that has recently been broken into.