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ANOU~! :D I’ve finally picked up my writing again! After around three years, I decided to jump back into the fray…and though my last book was an absolute flop, I’m looking for success this time around.

As such, I started writing! And guess what I found. Yup, you got it. I suck at writing now. Not that I didn’t suck before…I just suck worse now. I’m…like…beyond “rusty.” XD Anyway…so now, I’m looking for criticism. nods

It’s published at the above link. No viruses or anything…it’s Google, afterall. Come on. xD So yeah. Please try to read as much as you can if possible…and remember, I suck at writing. Don’t expect great work there. :D Also, it’s not complete or anything either. Not at all complete. I’m just looking for some help if that’s at all okay. :D So yeah…thanks in advance, nya!

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Wow, great story, seriously, keep on writing.

I woder why this has no publicity.


YOU need support!