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the 50 commandants of the off-topic forum.

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commandant 1:you shall listen to ALL of these commandants!

commandant 2:you shall spam at least 5 days a week.

commandant 3:there are NO such things as commandants by mods.

commandant 4:there are NO such things as commandants by admins [unless they threaten to ban for it]

commandant 5:you got owned

commandant 6:my word is law.

commandant 7:zakia is proclaimed the keeper of all epic things!

commandant 8:the rum key is holy,don’t touch it.I SAID DON’T TOUCH IT!

commandant 9:kongregate elemination will never die.

commandat 10:the game signups thing is not procliaming to these commandants,so ignore the game signups.

commandant 11:you are allowed to make a game freely now.

commandant 12:this deserves a sticky

commandant 13:I will not make a commandant here since 13 is the unlucky number.

commanant 14:any ban attermpts on me will be reflected on whoever tried to ban me.

commandant 15:role playing in chat is now allowed [ignore mods and admins]

commandant 16:arcanecoder is declared the idiot for banning me once or twice.this decision will ALWAYS BE HONURED!

commandant 17:all forum rules in the off topic forum are ilrelevent.

commandant 18:this will NOT get deleted!

commandant 19:everyone who calls me an idiot or something will be banned.

commandant 20:these commandants will not get edited!

commandant 21:this is meant to be long and not meant to be banned for.

commandant 22:you got pwned

commandant 23:1337 is the king internet number and MUST be respected!

commandant 24:I have a katana so don’t make me angry.its sharp indeed too.:P

commandant 25:swearing is athurised.

commandant 26:greg is no longer in full control.I AM!

commandant 27:you shall spread the word of the commandants in chat!

commandant 28:any mods,admin or the site creator found smileing [yes arcanecoder,that includes you]will be striped of there powers and killed instantly!

commandant 29:anyone who hates me will die if they say it!!

commandant 30:zigma was NOT envolved from 4chan!

commandant 31:only I can speak in third person!

commandant 32: only I can go O.O.O

commandant 33:you must obey.

commandant 34:ignore commandant number 33 [apart from the first commandant]

commandant 35:go die in a fire if you don’t like me.

commandant 36:you shall play supreme commander 3 times a day every day!

commandant 37:the commandants are near to be finished.

commandant 38:you shall ignore every mod and admin and even the site creator!

commandant 39:respect me!

commandant 40:if you ignore a single commandant you die!

commandant 41:a noob is when he ignores a single commandant.

commandant 42:I am not a noob.

commandant 43:I have the right to kill you even if you didn’t break any
commandant or something!

commandant 44:you shall refer off-topic as off-topicea!!

commandant 45:forget the rules of anywhere!

commandant 46:if you can and there aren’t commandants already,then put thses commandants on other websites!

commandant 47:NO commandants list shall replace this!!

commandant 48:you are under my rule!

commandant 49: :P haha if you get 10000 posts you have no life [except me]!

commandant 50:before these commandants finish don’t forget to obey all commandants and ignore commandant 34,the commandant that says you shall ignore the commandant that says you have to obey!

commandant 51:[extra commandant] I am immune to silences.

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GOD !*$% DAMNIT!why will noone post.and read the commandants carefully.!

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Because Real Commandment #1:

Thou Shalt Not Feed The Trolls


Blueberryclock2 Says: Get your spelling right, Noob.

This may not get Deleted but it will get locked.

Your Spelling is at par with a 4 Year Old.

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Yesh, why did you spell it commandant? It’s commandment, j00 n00bz0rz.

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GOD !*$% DAMNIT!why will noone post.

because it’s not funny/original

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the 6 kongregate commandments

1 thou shalt not be a jerk

2 thou shalt not harass

3 thou shalt not promote illegal activty

4 thou shalt not be rude to thy fellow players

5 Thou Shalt Not Feed The Trolls

6 thou shall not spam

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^ thou is correct

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woo hoo

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^ thou woo hoo’s

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Pretty sure 2, 3, 4 and 6 are contained within 1, but yeah good list.

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commandant 11:you are allowed to make a game freely now. best commandment EVER.

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woo hoo

go kz

i’m good

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how am i

it not 1 word

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dude your pwed adn owned.shut it.look at commandant which says you ot owned an got pwned.also I didn’t think its spelled commandment.anyway its my way of spelling it!

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wtf is going

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I said that arcanecoder was proclaimed the idiot for banni9ng me.I will add a commandant now [my way of spelling it]

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Nicholas98: also I didn’t think its spelled commandment.

That’s a link to buy a dictionary. I suggest you obtain one.

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i agree speciffically with 2,3, and 4

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The 11 Commandments of Kongregate

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my rule list is better

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Epic topic is Epic.

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[post deleted]