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this is serious but not enough to go in serious topics...

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ugh crud i didn’t want to draw attention to myself this is more like a one question servey do you ever feel like you wanna restart your whole life or just not live or even not have existed at all?

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why so emo?

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Who hasn’t?

But thinking back to all the good times I’ve had in life, I wouldn’t change a thing.

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well not existing would not bring any relief since you would have no will
no past no present nothing of you would have ever came to be
so if you would not exist you would never get to make the choice not to exist

as for restarting you would not know what you do now
so your choices would ultimately be the same
plus it kind’ve just shows that your weak and not able
to handle whats happened with your life

sort’ve like a small child who failed but wants to try again
yet he’s being told he can’t

so your choices boil down to two
do you take the ultimate show of weakness
and end your life where your at

or you persevere and realize that nothing can stay the same forever
even if there’s a chance that’ll get worse.

-way to be dick pooky he was just asking a simple question

psh. he did ask for my oppinion

-Yeah but you didn’t have to be a jerk about it

why don’t you just shut your feeble little mouth

-You wanna fight me!?

bring it!

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No way! I like life as it is now.

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omfg i said that it was a question focused towards you you fricking idiot! and i never said i hated life stalker…

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you’re now an idiot and a stalker Pooky.

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It depends if I could keep the knowledge I have accumulated now to my next life or if I had to start fresh. If I did, then I could be a baby genius!