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Thunderhorse 8-bit version

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Day 382: Get Over It

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Continuation of the OP (Part 4)

8Bit Marathon [Week 55]

Day Three Hundred Eighty: Mama, I’m Coming Home, by Ozzy Osbourne

Day Three Hundred Eighty One: Mr. Crowley, by Ozzy Osbourne

Day Three Hundred Eighty Two: Get Over It, by The Eagles

Day Three Hundred Eighty Three: Johnny B. Goode, by Chuck Berry

Day Three Hundred Eighty Four: Viva La Vida, by Coldplay

Day Three Hundred Eighty Five: Dance, Dance, by Fall Out Boy

Day Three Hundred Eighty Six: Somebody That I Used To Know, by Gotye

8Bit Marathon [Week 56]

Day Three Hundred Eighty Seven: Iron Man, by Black Sabbath

Day Three Hundred Eighty Eight: Guile’s Theme, from Street Fighter II

Day Three Hundred Eighty Nine: Yellow Submarine, by The Beatles

Day Three Hundred Ninety: Hearts Burst Into Fire, by Bullet For My Valentine

Day Three Hundred Ninety One: Albatross, by Fleetwood Mac

Day Three Hundred Ninety Two: Rock You Like A Hurricane, by Scorpions

Day Three Hundred Ninety Three: Po Pi Po, by Hatsune Miku

8Bit Marathon [Week 57]

Day Three Hundred Ninety Four: The Pinnacle, from Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow

Day Three Hundred Ninety Five: Rasputin, by Turisas

Day Three Hundred Ninety Six: What Makes You Beautiful, by One Direction

Day Three Hundred Ninety Seven: Your Love Is My Drug, by Ke$ha

Day Three Hundred Ninety Eight: Welcome To The Family, by Avenged Sevenfold

Day Three Hundred Ninety Nine: A Little Piece Of Heaven, by Avenged Sevenfold

Day Four Hundred: Colony Of Birchmen, by Mastodon

8Bit Marathon [Week 58]

Day Four Hundred One: Invaders Must Die, by The Prodigy

Day Four Hundred Two: Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo, by Bloodhound Gang

Day Four Hundred Three: Lola, by Superbus

Day Four Hundred Four: Hyrule Field, from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Day Four Hundred Five: Bat Country, by Avenged Sevenfold

Day Four Hundred Six: Flute, by Barcode Brothers

Day Four Hundred Seven: Linoleum, by NOFX

8Bit Marathon [Week 59]

Day Four Hundred Eight: We Called It America, by NOFX

Day Four Hundred Nine: Dark Days, by Parkway Drive

Day Four Hundred Ten: One Reason, by Pennywise

Day Four Hundred Eleven: I Walk The Line, by Johnny Cash

Day Four Hundred Twelve: Feel Good Inc, by Gorillaz

Day Four Hundred Thirteen: Last Nite, by The Strokes

Day Four Hundred Fourteen: Reptilia, by The Strokes

8Bit Marathon [Week 60]

Day Four Hundred Fifteen: Banana Pancakes, by Jack Johnson

Day Four Hundred Sixteen: Nothing Else Matters, by Metallica

Day Four Hundred Seventeen: Believe, by Cher

Day Four Hundred Eighteen: Crank That, by Soulja Boy

Day Four Hundred Nineteen: The Last In Line, by Dio

Day Four Hundred Twenty: Poison, by Alice Cooper

Day Four Hundred Twenty One: Eye In The Sky, by The Alan Parsons Project

8Bit Marathon [Week 61]

Day Four Hundred Twenty Two: KK Slider Sings Everytime We Touch

Day Four Hundred Twenty Three: Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, by The Beatles

Day Four Hundred Twenty Four: Barbie Girl, by Aqua

Day Four Hundred Twenty Five: Doctor Jones, by Aqua

Day Four Hundred Twenty Six: Cosmic Love, by Florence and the Machine

Day Four Hundred Twenty Seven: Around The World, by Daft Punk

Day Four Hundred Twenty Eight: All The Small Things, by blink-182

8Bit Marathon [Week 62]

Day Four Hundred Twenty Nine: Born To Die, by Lana Del Rey

Day Four Hundred Thirty: Vamos A La Discoteca, by Paradisio

Day Four Hundred Thirty One: In The Court Of The Crimson King, by King Crimson

Day Four Hundred Thirty Two: Raining Blood, by Slayer

Day Four Hundred Thirty Three: Some Nights, by Fun

Day Four Hundred Thirty Four: Reet Petite, by Jackie Wilson

Day Four Hundred Thirty Five: Winter Wrap Up, from MLP

8Bit Marathon [Week 63]

Day Four Hundred Thirty Six: Before The Duel, by Dark Moor

Day Four Hundred Thirty Seven: Any Way You Want It, by Journey

Day Four Hundred Thirty Eight: Don’t Stop Believing, by Journey

Day Four Hundred Thirty Nine: Second Heaven, by Ryu

Day Four Hundred Forty: South of Heaven, by Slayer

Day Four Hundred Forty One: Save Me, by Gotye

Day Four Hundred Forty Two: Happy Together, by The Turtles

8Bit Marathon [Week 64]

Day Four Hundred Forty Three: Money, by Pink Floyd

Day Four Hundred Forty Four: Who Can It Be Now, by Men At Work

Day Four Hundred Forty Five: Don’t Stop (Color On The Walls), by Foster The People

Day Four Hundred Forty Six: Down Under, by Men At Work

Day Four Hundred Forty Seven: Make Me Bad, by Korn

Day Four Hundred Forty Eight: Lucky, by Jason Mraz

Day Four Hundred Forty Nine: Naturally, by Selena Gomez

8Bit Marathon [Week 65]

Day Four Hundred Fifty: Primadonna, by Marina And The Diamonds

Day Four Hundred Fifty One: Here It Goes Again, by OK Go

Day Four Hundred Fifty Two: Dog Days Are Over, by Florence And The Machine

Day Four Hundred Fifty Three: Read My Mind, by The Killers

Day Four Hundred Fifty Four: Battery, by Metallica

Day Four Hundred Fifty Five: All Nightmare Long, by Metallica

Day Four Hundred Fifty Six: Blood And Thunder, by Mastodon

8Bit Marathon [Week 66]

Day Four Hundred Fifty Seven: Come Undone, by Duran Duran

Day Four Hundred Fifty Eight: Holding Out For A Hero, by Bonnie Tyler

Day Four Hundred Fifty Nine: Lovesong, by The Cure

Day Four Hundred Sixty: Hell And Back, by Metallica

Day Four Hundred Sixty One: I Kissed A Girl, by Katy Perry

Day Four Hundred Sixty Two: Dashboard, by Modest Mouse

Day Four Hundred Sixty Three: Concerning Hobbits, from Lord Of The Rings

8Bit Marathon [Week 67]

Day Four Hundred Sixty Four: Float On, by Modest Mouse

Day Four Hundred Sixty Five: Cliffs Of Dover, by Eric Johnson

Day Four Hundred Sixty Six: Here In Your Arms, by Hellogoodbye

Day Four Hundred Sixty Seven: Victory Song, by Ensiferum

Day Four Hundred Sixty Eight: The Final Episode, by Asking Alexandria

Day Four Hundred Sixty Nine: Third Planet, by Modest Mouse

Day Four Hundred Seventy: Jaded, by Aerosmith

8Bit Marathon [Week 68]

Day Four Hundred Seventy One: Pink, by Aerosmith

Day Four Hundred Seventy Two: Dream On, by Aerosmith

Day Four Hundred Seventy Three: Holy Wars… The Punishment Due, by Megadeth

Day Four Hundred Seventy Four: A Letter To Elise, by The Cure

Day Four Hundred Seventy Five: What a Wonderful World, by Louis Armstrong

Day Four Hundred Seventy Six: Lux Aeterna, by Clint Mansell

Day Four Hundred Seventy Seven: Get Lucky, by Daft Punk

8Bit Marathon [Week 69]

Day Four Hundred Seventy Eight: Dynamite, by Taio Cruz

Day Four Hundred Seventy Nine: The One That Got Away, by Katy Perry

Day Four Hundred Eighty: Umbrella, by Rihanna

Day Four Hundred Eighty One: Heartbreaker, by Led Zeppelin

Day Four Hundred Eighty Two: Space Oddity, by David Bowie

Day Four Hundred Eighty Three: Life On Mars, by David Bowie

Day Four Hundred Eighty Four: Pop Star, from Kirby 64

8Bit Marathon [Week 70]

Day Four Hundred Eighty Five: Knights Of Cydonia, by Muse

Day Four Hundred Eighty Six: The Carpal Tunnel Of Love, by Fall Out Boy

Day Four Hundred Eighty Seven: Derezzed, by Daft Punk

Day Four Hundred Eighty Eight: Welcome Home, by Coheed And Cambria

Day Four Hundred Eighty Nine: Diary Of Jane, by Breaking Benjamin

Day Four Hundred Ninety: Animal Crossing Theme

Day Four Hundred Ninety One: End Of All Hope, by Nightwish

8Bit Marathon [Week 71]

Day Four Hundred Ninety Two: Trololo, by Eduard Khil

Day Four Hundred Ninety Three: Hero, by Skillet

Day Four Hundred Ninety Four: Awake and Alive, by Skillet

Day Four Hundred Ninety Five: The Middle, by Jimmy Eats World

Day Four Hundred Ninety Six: Mezame, by Yuki Kajiura

Day Four Hundred Ninety Seven: Hungarian Dance No. 5, by Johannes Brahms

Day Four Hundred Ninety Eight: Guitar Vs. Piano, by Goukisan

8Bit Marathon [Week 72]

Day Four Hundred Ninety Nine: Dota, by Basshunter

Day Five Hundred: Sugar Sugar, by The Archies

Day Five Hundred One: Flight of the Bumblebee, by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

Day Five Hundred Two: Prayer, by Disturbed

Day Five Hundred Three: Radioactive, by Imagine Dragons

Day Five Hundred Four: Save You, by Simple Plan

Day Five Hundred Five: 27, by Fall Out Boy

8Bit Marathon [Week 73]

Day Five Hundred Six: Closer To The Edge, by 30 Second To Mars

Day Five Hundred Seven: Dancing Queen, by Abba

Day Five Hundred Eight: Children of the Grave, by Black Sabbath

Day Five Hundred Nine: Heart Attack, by Demi Lovato

Day Five Hundred Ten: Another Way To Die, by Disturbed

Day Five Hundred Eleven: Megalodon, by Mastodon

Day Five Hundred Twelve: Heroes of Our Time, by DragonForce



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Day 383: Johnny B. Goode

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Day 384: Viva La Vida

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Day 385: Dance, Dance

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Day 386: Somebody That I Used To Know

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Day 387: Iron Man

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Day 388: Guile’s Theme

Yeah, I was a bit rushed tonight, but wanted to get something out there.

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Day 389: Yellow Submarine

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Can you do this?

It’s my favorite song.

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Day 390: Happy Valentines Day

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Day 391: Albatross

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Day 392: Rock You Like A Hurricane

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Day 393: Po Pi Po

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Day 394 The Pinnacle, from Castlevania

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Does anyone even visit this thread anymore?

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Day 395: Rah rah Rasputin

Originally posted by Hallucent:

Does anyone even visit this thread anymore?

I think so, but many are just subscribed. It’s the only place where I have a full record of the marathon though, so I like it.

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Day 396: What Makes You Beautiful

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Day 397: Your Love Is My Drug

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Changing up the genre because there’s been a bit of ew lately :3

Day 398: Welcome To The Family, by A7X

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Day 399: A Little Piece Of Heaven, by A7X

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Day 400: Colony Of Birchmen

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Day 401: Invaders Must Die

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Originally posted by Dovahkiin:

Well, now I feel like an idiot…
What about foxtrot uniform charlie kilo by the bloodhound gang?

Day 402: Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo