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Originally posted by Retron:

Hello there Kongregans! I’m looking for someone interested in making a site with me. The site will be like Kongregate, but will be different. To clarify, I do not want to fight against Kongregate, this is just something I want to do. I haven’t registered the domain name yet, but I will soon. I plan on putting adsense on every page on the site, and will split profits with whoever wants to work with me. Now, let me explain:

In the website, instead of uploading, I will contact the authors, and see if they allow me to place their game on my site. I want there to be a chat window like Kongregate next to the game, and a BBS. Also, the ability for users to sign up. I’m looking for someone who can do this. Please post here if you meet these qualifications. My AIM is RetronPants. Thanks.