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Please rate my story, been working on it for a few hours. Not the whole story just some ideas, the story has only took me an hour. Rest still to come.


Junior _________

Chapter One – Memory

“Uh…Ow… What happened? Where am l? Who am l?” said a man lying on a leather seat, inside a wrecked jet aircraft. He got off the seat and opened the smashed glass opening to get out. He seen another jet just a few metres ahead. He ran and ran until he got to it, he opened the glass opening and pulled out a man. He was still alive. He opened his eyes eventually and looked straight at the other mans eyes. “I’m Paul, I’m your enemy.” Said the man. Paul pulled out a Pistol but then the man pulled out a Desert Eagle and shot his chest.“Goodbye, Goodbye Junior.” Said Paul, he was now dead. “So they call me Junior? OK then.” Said the man now calling himself Junior.

Chapter Two – My Name is…. Junior

Junior had began walking and after an hour he reached an abandoned city, he walked through it for 20 minutes and soon reached a large tower. He climbed it till he reached the top, he looked out at the city, it was amazing, the view made Junior feel nothing, just calmness and happiness. He began climbing back down until he reached an open window, he climbed in to adventure the houses. He only seen darkness, he looked at an open door, he walked in the room and looked at a wooden chair. He seen a body on it, Junior looked at the body, he seen a ghastly dead body. His eyes were ripped out and blood was everywhere. His jaw was ripped off, his fingers stuck in one of his pockets. Junior ran out, he was terrified. He ran to the window to climb, he slipped and fell out. He landed on the sandy ground, knocked out.

Chapter Three – First Flashback

Junior had a flash in his eyes until he seen a beuatiful, grassy land. The land had a tall tree with all type’s of fruit growing on it. The whole thing began to turn dark and the whole thing burned. This beautiful place turned into a large war area. Junior looked at it and was horrified, he stood there open mouthed. He seen lot’s of soldiers, all of them wearing the same as Junior, other’s came. They were hideous monsters, large skinned beasts. The jumped on soldiers and began to eat their body parts. Junior watched the whole thing and was shocked at the sight of himself. He was stunned at this, Junior was running right into the beasts, he began to destroy them with one touch. Was this a special ability? A power? Junior had many questions for himself but before he could see how it ended he woke up. He looked around and seen nothing but a large wall. “So, I can beat those… Things? I guess l better remember how to gain this power back. But how and…” said Junior before he was interupted by a female voice. “Defeat those things and you will save mankind, it is a tough job. Who are you? I’m Jade.” Said the female voice.

Chapter 4 – Jade

Rest will be posted soon.
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I will keep editing it until l have the whole story, still working on it.