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Yes!!! What we need is the admins to listen to your suggestion, instead of dodging the issue – more spanish rooms! I nominate you, Ketchupyoshi, as mod of the first non-Jugon spanish room (we can call it “Jugon Mafia No Mas!!”) The mod-led gangs can stay in Jugon, while a real (and fair!) community develops in this new room.

Long live Ketchupyoshi!!!

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Please keep suggestions in the suggestions thread and mod nominations in the suggest a mod thread(or was that lock because of me).

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There are two complaints I hear a lot about Spanish rooms: that we need more, and that too many English speakers are directed to them. I once had someone link to us from a Spanish website, demand that we open more Spanish rooms to handle the traffic, then later complained when we didn’t, saying that many Spanish-speakers were turned off by the number of English speakers in the room.

The issue, though, is that opening more Spanish rooms will make the problem WORSE, as the legitimate Spanish-speakers will be divided between double the rooms, leaving more empty slots for English-speakers to be directed into.

So before I open another Spanish room, I want to know: Are Spanish-speakers being directed to other rooms, or are English-speakers being directed to Jugon?

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I strongly disagree with KetchupYoshi being the owner for a spanish room. Here are some points I want to make:

1) He does not speak Spanish.

2) He’s not a mod.

3) I talked with Emily – He’s not reccomended to be a mod.

4) He wouldnt be active in a room in which he can not understand any chat.

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Yes, I have been directed to other rooms (The Van and Barrens, most of the times) – I did not realize this was because the Spanish room was already full. I don’t think this is a huge problem, though… it takes 3 seconds to click on “change room – Jugon”.

There are English speakers in Jugon because they CHOOSE to be there, even though Kalash has repeatedly asked them to go to an English room and let Spanish-speakers chat without “interference”. The rest of the Jugon mods don’t do anything about this, and in fact at least two of them encourage this – people like dirtybandit or Kaizerwolf spend all their time in Jugon, refusing to speak spanish, and when any of us ask them to speak Spanish or move elsewhere, the mods back THEM instead, even with (the pretty frequent) threats of ban, and they keep babysitting these users.

A humble suggestion – leave Jugon as is, with its “fan base” of english and spanish speakers (and the Jugon mafia can stay there), open a 2nd Spanish room, redirect new spanish-speaking users to the 2nd room, and enforce the rules, proper mod practices, and language guidelines there.

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Retron – are you a mod? Regardless, it was totally classless to take a stab at Yoshi as you did in your post:

3) I talked with Emily – He’s not reccomended (sic) to be a mod.

Yoshi may or may not be an adequate mod… but to publicly undermine him via Emily’s “non-endorsement”… shame on you.

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His post was just stating the facts, I don’t know why you hate his post so much. After all if you can’t speak spanish then if someone is abusing another person and complains ketchupyoshi will not be able to stop them-He can’t understand any of it!

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Read carefully Henry:

Points 1), 2), 4) – valid points

Point 3) cheap shot

BTW, I talked with Greg – he found your post to be infantile and a waste of forum space.


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I deleted this thread twice last night just to have you recreate it again and again. How hard is it to understand that? How hard is it to see the other locked jugon threads and the requests that have been made to cease making more and to use the proper channels, instead of fueling public arguments? Did you think the thread was disappearing magically? You did exactly what I thought you would do, wait awhile after the last deletion to repost it so it would have more of a chance of starting a discussion and spreading the issue again.

Retron’s points are correct. #3 was not a cheap shot, but means hes not and the current list of people recommend for future appointments. I wouldn’t call him ‘classless’, especially since this thread itself, the manner in which it was posted and the entire ‘jugon war’ is classless. You seem to try to play the part of someone making reasonable requests, but your actions are actually contributing more to perpetuating the problem.

Its not hard to see the thinly veiled politics being played in this thread and its long past tiring.

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To clarify, no, I wasn’t taking a “stab” at Yoshi. He and I are good friends. I’m just stating that he being the mod of a damn Spanish room is completely dumb.

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people want a spanish room but if people need to mod it , it will not be worth it.

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Which is why points 1 and 4 were more than enough, and the cheap shot was just classless.

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Apparently you didnt read my post. It wasnt a cheap shot, but a fact; and your responses show how your attitude is only to cause problems. Not far into the discussion you’ve already gone off topic into just bashing retron on an totally invalid point.

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Yoshi may or may not be an adequate mod… but to publicly undermine him via Emily’s “non-endorsement”… shame on you. bq.

Please try to understand, I really meant that Yoshi wasn’t highly recommended for modship, so it would have been difficult. Ask for an explanation before making the accusation.

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And what I meant by my post was: “Retron is 100% right and he is the God of Kongregate”.

You decide to voice a comment in an open forum, be ready to be challenged on it. If you are not careful with how you phrase your comments, be ready to be criticized for it. It shouldn’t be THAT painful, it’s just text on a screen right?

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Hamudi, you seem to be speaking against youself.

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Okay, let me explain further.

EMILY is an admin, she can access the mod forums, where mod desicions are held. Ketchupyoshi has been debated on, and the argument that says he should is losing. That’s all I meant. No “stabbing” included.

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And the entire Kongregate community absolutely needed to know that Yoshi is not “mod material”, and has been eliminated from any contention by the mods, right?

Let’s see if we can get it through your skull this time:

“Yoshi does not speak Spanish” – valid, sufficient argument
“Other mods say Yoshi should not be mod” – cheap shot

This is so much fun ;D.

Oh, btw… it’s “decisions”, not “desicions”…

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The trolling here is obvious.