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notshi, the Kong-player-hating developer (locked)

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Take a quick look at

My favorite quotes:

“i really don’t care for the ratings because i have a very low opinion of the users here”

2 lines later:

“i’m talking about the community here”

Let’s show this arrogant developer what a community is – let’s go to his games and VOTE OR CHANGE YOUR VOTE to 1 STAR. Now, would you like to keep blasting Kong users?

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Such an attitude is not welcome here. Responding in such a way will only make the problem worse, and you should be working to improve others opinions of this community, not encouraging problems.

Games should be judged on their own merit, that is was the rating system is for. It it not a means to give threats or express your emotional disagreements with the developer.

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Notshi has all the right to complain that users are misvoting his/her games. He’s quite an outspoken enemy of this, and I respect that. Actually, I’ve seen your other posts, and I really don’t know what to think. In one thread your an anti-spammer, and here your actually feeding the spam. Shame how the community has fallen.

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And we have all the right to respond to his “holier-than-thou” arrogance with a token of our appreciation, vis-a-vis his game ratings, which now I see won’t even be affected much, since his games are quite lame to begin with (his “best-seller” at 2.5 stars).

Funny how someone who spent 30 minutes coming up with a (yuck!) typing game suddenly considers himself above the “users mob”.

Freedom of speech: we can all express our opinions, but we better be ready to live with the consequences of them. Let this big boy fight his own battles. We will keep voting ;)

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Your comments on his game have totally destroyed every scrap of credibility this thread ever had.

Let’s show the aggrogant community member how much effort developers spend to give you free entertainment.

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Fool. Let’s hope an Admin can take care of this soon. Your doing more harm than good. Down-voting a game because you don’t like the developer. Notshi put much effort into his games. I particularily love RomZom. He’s angry because of people like YOU who choose to down-vote his games. Instead of being part of the problem, apologize, and be part of the solution.

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Kalinium: your spelling of arrogant (“aggrogant”???) has totally destroyed every scrap of validity your post ever had.

Retron: he’s angry because he is another spoiled brat who can’t take any criticism… and how does one deal with spoiled brats? Lacking the possibility of a quick slap on the cheek, we will keep having fun rating his games ;) Too bad anybody’s getting angry in a games website…

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His thread in question was actually much more mature and reasonable than this thread.

You are, in fact, making the situation worse and responding to it in an immature way.