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In response to this thread:

I am not a mod, so even if I spoke Spanish, I couldn’t possibly be the owner of a room. Also, Retron wasn’t trying to take a cheap shot at me. Emily said in chat that since she recommended Crushproof as a mod (he was de-modded for abuse), the rest of the staff didn’t trust her as much to choose mods. I am glad that some people see me as a good person, but until I learn Spanish, I can’t be a mod in a Spanish speaking room. Maybe an English speaking room like Barrens would be okay if I was ever chosen to be a mod. I just wanted to say this because I never got a chance to see that thread before it got locked.

Arcanecoder, you can go ahead and lock this if you want. I just wanted to respond to that thread about me.

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Ketchup — I am going to lock this to prevent things starting up again, but thank you for your measured response. Absolutely the owner of any Spanish room should be a Spanish-speaker.

I think you are a good person, and I was not expressing a personal opinion about modship (I’m not allowed to have them), just my not-terribly-informed guess at the likelihood. I think you are a valuable member of the community regardless of whether you are a mod.